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Enough Time Already on Constitution Pipeline, Seggos!

constitution pipeline

Tom Shepstone
Natural Gas NOW


Basil Seggos, the new DEC (or should we say NRDC) Commissioner says he doesn’t want to rush his staff’s review of the Constitution Pipeline application.

Basil Seggos, had something to say on the Constitution Pipeline the other day, according to RTO Insider (emphasis added):

At a joint legislative budget hearing at the New York State Capitol in Albany on Thursday, Department of Environmental Conservation Acting Commissioner Basil Seggos noted Constitution is a significant project with a large number of stream crossings. “I’m not going to pressure my department to move more quickly than they believe is warranted,” he said.

This is after 29 months of review of an application that FERC provides the state one-year (that’s 12 months for those of you serving in Albany) to review. And, this guy has the gall to suggest even more time is necessary. This is the sort of wholly disingenuous remark that explains why government is held in such contempt in so many places today. It’s a damned lie. Seggos knows it’s not his staff that needs or wants more time (they’ve already all but acknowledged the delay is inexcusable) but him and his governor, who are sitting on this application in a despicable display of pandering to the NRDC gang and friends.

It’s time for supporters of the Constitution Pipeline (and they are considerable in number as a huge rally in Afton demonstrated) to redouble their own efforts to counteract this nonsense. FERC has already acknowledged the need for this project and every day this critical project is delayed means a longer wait for new jobs, tax revenue and access to cheap energy for residents and businesses. Last week, the project received approval from FERC to start hand felling trees in Pennsylvania. It’s going to happen but, unfortunately, the project continues to be help up by Basil Seggos and Andrew Cuomo. It’s time to tell Cuomo what you think about this delay.

Call 518-474-8390 and tell Governor Cuomo
for these jobs, those tax revenues and that inexpensive energy.

Supporters can also go here to learn more about how to advocate for the project. Supporters are also using social media to tell the story, with more than 20 videos now available for viewing on the Constitution Pipeline YouTube channel.

Some of those local voices include:

Mark Holbrook, Otego, NY

“The most important thing to me is family and I’d love to have the opportunity for my kids to have the opportunity to grow up here where I grew up. The basic factor always comes down to employment and good jobs. While everyone else is moving away to get the good jobs, it would sure be nice to have a project like the Constitution Pipeline to come through so we can have higher paying jobs in this area.”

Carolyn Price, Town Supervisor, Windsor, NY

“There are several long term benefits, and of course the largest is taxes. The gas companies pay a substantial amount of taxes to the town of Windsor. Those gas companies paid 15.85 percent of the town of Windsor’s taxes. Those are taxes that the local property owners didn’t have to pay.”

Daniel Reynolds, Endicott, NY

“The Constitution Pipeline means jobs for a lot of individuals; infrastructure for cities, towns, communities, businesses and schools; tax savings for a lot of those communities, but it also means heating savings…I want work local. If we lose jobs locally, it doesn’t just affect the workers, it affects their whole families. A lot of families need this Constitution Pipeline to go through.”

Anna Marie Lusins, Oneonta, NY

“Right now we need natural gas and our communities need natural gas. In supporting Constitution Pipeline I am supporting economic growth in Otsego County and the Southern Tier. The Constitution Pipeline will bring in much needed new industry.”

The Constitution Community Benefits YouTube Channel also features one dozen stories from community members who have benefitted from the Constitution Community Grant program. Here are some further facts from Williams:

The Constitution Pipeline project involves the construction and operation of approximately 125 miles of 30-inch-diameter pipeline from natural gas supply areas in northeast Pennsylvania and connecting with existing transmission pipelines in Schoharie County, N.Y. Construction of the project is estimated to directly and indirectly support 2,400 jobs and generate $130 million in labor income for the region. Once in service, the pipeline will deliver enough natural gas to serve approximately 3 million U.S. homes.

Once complete, the pipeline will immediately become a key piece of natural gas pipeline infrastructure in the Northeast, creating an important connection between consumers and reliable supplies of clean, affordable natural gas. Constitution will help address pipeline infrastructure issues that have exposed New England and New York consumers to high natural gas prices and, significantly higher electric-generation costs.

In addition to serving markets in New England and New York City, Constitution Pipeline and Leatherstocking Gas Company, LLC have announced plans to install four delivery taps along Constitution’s proposed route to facilitate local natural gas service to homes and businesses in southern New York and northern Pennsylvania. The company anticipates that, once operational, the Constitution Pipeline’s economic impact is anticipated to result in more than $13 million in annual property tax revenue to localities and school districts. 

If you’re as disgusted with those Basil Seggos remarks as I am, get on that phone, call


and let Andrew Cuomo’s office know what you think about this outrageous delay. They don’t need one more day than the 29 months they’ve already had to review this application. Enough delay already!


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9 thoughts on “Enough Time Already on Constitution Pipeline, Seggos!

  1. What does anybody here expect? Seggos is just another lying, spineless political stooge for the Little Boy Cuomo, just as he predecessor was. And why not? This poor excuse for a ‘leader’ only appoints those who are hand-picked by by a small cabal of wealthy foundations one percenters who have bought and paid for Cuomo. through their phony environmental groups who could care less about the environment.

  2. https://kboo.fm/montrose9attorneyspeaksaboutcivildisobed

    Perhaps the NY DEC simply needs decades now to complete tasks? Seems like there is an efficiency deficit with this agency. Or perhaps Basil has gotten wind of William Huston’s recent declaration that building this pipe is an act of war and Basil wants to give Huston some time to build his army of “ground resistance” ?

    In other fracked gas pipeline resistance news Martin Stolar, Resist Aim and the Montrose 9 lawyer is on air explaining the highly important court case (I think this is for disorderly conduct???) upcoming? This case involves a permitted poject currently under construction called Spectra Aim and not so surprisingly involves people from Sane Energy project and other groups who may enjoy getting arrested as some have been arrested under similar circumstances with say the spectra nynj pipe a few years ago.

    • Well I’m a little surprised that Karen Orlando would quote me accurately, but that’s pretty close. Thanks.

      FTR, what I think I said was, any cutting of trees or other construction is an act of aggression against us, and we consider it a Declaration of War.

      Everything we value is under threat, our land, air, food, water, the forests of CNY. Even our very democracy is being subverted by FERC, and Williams/Cabot through a dozen serious violations of federal laws, inc. the Natural Gas Act and the National Environmental Policy Act.

      FERC illegally delayed the onset of lawsuits with a “tolling order”. They just denied the petitions to rehear after many months, so now the lawyers duke it out in court. However, the tree cutting continues in PA.

      Also, leaders from 200 nations around the world just met in Paris at the COP21. After 20 years of discussing man-made climate change, suddenly they all agreed that catastrophe is upon us, and literally the survival of future generations of ALL LIFE on planet earth is at stake unless we all make a sudden, radical shift away from burning carbon fuels.

      Methane is two orders of magnitude worse than CO2 as a greenhouse gas. And while scientists are busy trying to create high tech “carbon capture and sequestration devices”, nature has already created the solution: Forests.

      So cutting down 500,000 trees to build a leaky methane pipeline (they all leak, at least 10% overall is lost during transmission, gathering, & distribution) is the plan of a madman.

      What I will tell you is this:
      The Constitution Pipeline will nevery be built. If tree cutting crews come to NY, this will be a Public Relations Nightmare for Gov. Cuomo, Williams, Cabot, and FERC. We, the people of NY, are not going to let those trees fall easily.

      This pipeline is ILLEGAL. Land was stolen for private profits and gas exports. Every day I pray that Gov. Cuomo does the right thing and denies the CWA sec 401 permit, but we are prepared in case he does not.

      This is not any kind of threat. We are a peace loving people. Our leaders are 100% committed to nonviolence. We have been holding NVDA trainings for the last year.

      If there is bloodshed, it will be the hands of the invaders stained, not ours.

      Gov. Cuomo, please deny the 401.

      William Huston, Binghamton.

  3. https://m.facebook.com/Delaware.Riverkeeper.Network/photos/pb.170168039700945.-2207520000.1454859947./1072385886145818/?type=3&source=54&refid=17

    In other “resistance” news apparently the Deleware Riverkeeper Network is under attack by some bullies and people calling names! That’s fascinating to me. The DRN is attacking an entire federal agency the FERC, the DRBC, mutliple companies and quite likely provides plenty of misinformation to the public at pipeline information forums and I’m sure that’s not all of the war DRN is waging and yet DRN perceives that they are under attack?

  4. the brazen lying on so many issues by Cuomo and his minions is appalling. a GOP POTUS in 2016 would remove any corrupt leftist shield the governor (and Hillary Clinton) currently enjoy.

    NY- where the US Constitution is optional and your property can be seized without just compensation.

  5. Something that I think is always interesting to show, when talking with these anti-pipeline individuals and groups, is the pipeline map of the US!! see it here and take off other types of infrastructure if needed: https://www.eia.gov/state/maps.cfm

    The map is BLACK with all the pipelines and other infrastructure! If there were negative impacts (health or other):
    1. We’d have found out about it 40 years ago
    2. We’d all be dead by now!

    The idea that pipelines are the cause of negative environmental or health impacts is mind-boggling!!

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