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Energy Security Is Believing in America…and Remembering

landowners and laborers - Vic FurmanVictor Furman
Upstate New York Landowner Shale Gas Activist at NYRAD-R


The 15th anniversary of 9/11 is a time to reflect. It about believing in America. It’s also a time to appreciate why energy security is so important to us.

This day in history is, to my generation, what December 7, 1941 was to our parents. They were young adults in most cases when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. Similarly, 9/11 is the day we now remember the deadly attack on the Twin Towers by Islamic extremists. No matter where we were, our world stopped, as we were fixated on the radio or television reporting the first plane hitting the first tower. “My God,” we thought, “what a horrible accident,” then minutes later another plane hit the second tower. Our thoughts quickly went from pilot error to war. And, people following world events knew immediately who it was; Bin Laden. Our worldview changed in a heartbeat.

Nearly 3,000 people died that day, some jumping to their deaths rather then burn alive in there offices, Others were simply passengers on a plane, the destination of which was changed by Islamic terrorists. Just flying out of town on business, visiting friends; their innocence didn’t matter. Men, women and children were murdered in the name of Jihad at the direction of a megalomaniac raised in wealth made in the Saudi construction industry – made, indirectly, selling oil to us.

energy security

There were legions of heroes on that day. Some forced a hijacked plane to crash in a Pennsylvania farm field, instead of its destination. First responders charged up the stairs to rescue others and died with the victims in the towers, Doctors, nurses and other care providers worked 72 hours without a rest. The sprit of all – the new “Spirit of America” was captured by those who took things into their own hands to save God knows what and who with “Lets Roll.” Three of my four children, like so many other patriots, put college aside and volunteered for the Army and in the Navy. That one event 15 years ago changed the course of a generation.

Now, unfortunately, as a new generation, not there to witness the 2001 attack on men, woman and children are learning about it in school (maybe), we are regressing again. The story of 9/11 may get a page in the history books, but a political storm of chaos is getting attention of young people through the internet on which they spend far too much of their time. They are learning more, but what they’re learning is too often false; they’re told police are the enemy, for example.

Never before have teachers played a more important role in the education of our children as the internet fills their heads with scenes of hate and destruction, Unscrupulous people with agendas are filling the minds of our children with nonsense to the point where things in which we once took moral pride are now socially unacceptable, even a trigger to violence. Children growing up without parents at home, because both parents work, are the easiest of targets. They burn the flag, use it as a carpet in the street, denounce their own heritage and apologize for being born different.

It is far from all gloom and doom for America, though. A wake up call is ringing through the crowds of America, even touching the child who lives in the uncertainties of political unrest and racial divide. Always a light shinning through the darkness is the history of what made this country great. History is the teacher that will prevail! It is history that will show our children and their’s what freedom is and why it is worth dying to protect. Naysayers don’t win in America. We are a can-do nation with a great belief in ourselves despite the preachers of darkness. Parents must be teachers. We must teach our children love, respect for our nation and our flag; teach them respect for themselves.

energy security freedom-tower_1

We must move forward and we will, but we must not forget. We must make our nation strong again and energy security is a big part of that, which is why I write for this blog from time to time.

May God continue to bless America and all who believe in her.

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