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Don’t Let Fractivists Move the Goalposts to Pipeline Projects

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Frustrated fractivists have turned their sights on pipeline infrastructure in still another effort to stop the highly successful shale gas revolution. Let’s not let then get away with it.

If you have been following the news lately, you might have noticed those against anything fossil fuel related have moved the goalposts yet again.  Unable to stop regional drilling, unable to prove hydraulic fracturing is polluting water and decimating countrysides, unable to gather local support to stop compressor stations and other community projects, they have now moved to trying to stop much-needed pipeline infrastructure in the tri-state region.


The Atlantic Sunrise and PennEast pipeline projects are key pieces of energy infrastructure needed to transport low-cost, abundant supplies of natural shale gas from the Marcellus regions in Pennsylvania to hungry energy markets along our east coast.  Pipelines have crossed this state and our country for years…they are nothing new and are, by far, the safest way to transport fuels of many different kinds.

It’s time for Pennsylvania residents, along with the large majority of smart and reasonable tri-state and east coast residents, to support the speedy construction of the already well-regulated Atlantic Sunrise and PennEast projects, among others.  Let’s move our Marcellus and Utica gas to the east coast, where it is sorely needed and residents have the opportunity to save even more money from a shale industry that has already dramatically reduced prices and ensured the availability of reliable supplies of natural gas.

pipeline pig

Pipeline “Smart Pig” Used to Conduct Safety Diagnostics

There are multiple layers of gas bearing shale beneath our feet.  Let’s share the bounty with neighbors so we can all benefit utilizing clean burning, affordable natural gas until a time that other sources of energy might be reasonably utilized to power our daily lives.  Don’t let a small minority of activists keep moving the goalposts to stymie our regional economic development and national energy security.

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4 thoughts on “Don’t Let Fractivists Move the Goalposts to Pipeline Projects

  1. The irony is that many fractivists are in favor of using anaerobic digesters to produce methane as a fuel source. While that is all in good and could serve as a booster to the overall supply, you still have to have an efficient method of transporting it to its intended market. Are they going to stand on the way of those new lines as well? Once again, there is an opportunity to provide some synergy with these cleaner fuels.

    • That’s a great point! Unless all the gas produced by a digester can be used on-site, it will have to be stored or delivered elsewhere. For the latter, pipelines are obviously needed. And in either case, some sort of compressor station running 24/7 would be required, which would drive the fractivists absolutely crazy!

  2. Natural gas the most efficient means to produce electricity and heat. The cleanest carbon emitting fuel . Enough said

  3. Like I always say to everyone, keep it locol. It just makes sense that if your market is to the east, push that gas east right? Why north then east? We need a energy grid that serves all of us,not just energy transporters.Nobody wants a big ol 30 inch high presure gas transport line running across their front yard !Even dummies!

    Sure,there are markets that are in need of Pa gas but,those same markets think it,s ok to stuff the pipes up other,s butts so as to spare them any inconvienence! The only fare way to do it is with a energy grid.Nice neat squares, east-west north-south.I realize I have been making a lot of Noise about this butt let,s face it,fare is fare.
    A lot of those against these high pressure monsters cant even benefit from the gas.The gas industry has a unique oportunity to set a grid up on the fast trac from the curent administration.Sure, you have transport infrastructure that would become obsolete but in the long run (get it?) those pipe operaters would save a lot of time and money!

    Like I always say(Pipes? Who needs Pipes? We need Permits Before we need pipes.


    Any farms in the Ithaca area willing to host a Pro Gas Pro NY Citizen Rights Picnic-Concert ?Late summer.

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