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Delaware Riverkeeper To Do Stupid FERC Trick

delaware riverkeeper - Jim Willis reports

Jim Willis
Editor & Publisher, Marcellus Drilling News (MDN)


Maya van Rossum, THE Delaware Riverkeeper, plans to hold a “People’s Hearing Investigating FERC” to bully FERC into denying pipelines and other projects. 

Though often we’re irritated, sometimes we simply marvel at the arrogance of organizations like THE Delaware Riverkeeper. They honestly think they know better than you what kind of energy you should have the right to buy. The people who run the organization (Maya van Rossum, who is THE self-appointed keeper of the Delaware River Basin), irrationally hate all fossil fuels. Even though Maya & company use those fossil fuels every day of their lives.

delaware riverkeeper

Maya van Rossum of THE Delaware Riverkeeper

In fact, even though their lives DEPEND on fossil fuels. van Rossum and those who follow her philosophies have settled on a new strategy to try and defeat the use of fossil fuels: stop all new pipeline development. Period. The only way they can do that is to bully and intimidate federal and state agencies, like the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and the Pennsylvania Dept. of Environmental Protection (DEP).

Currently it’s FERC in Maya’s cross-hairs. Maya and THE Delaware Riverkeeper are convening a meeting in Washington, D.C. at the National Press Club (nice place, we’ve eaten there) called “People’s Hearing Investigating FERC.” You read that right. In an attempt to bully and humiliate the hard-working people at FERC, Maya plans to initiate a media circus to pressure FERC into denying, among other projects, the PennEast Pipeline.

She’s billing the event as a hearing for those who “have experienced abuse at the hands of FERC and the pipeline industry.” We’re mulling over the possibility of a hearing into those abused by Maya and THE Delaware Riverkeeper. We think we’d have a pretty strong case.

delaware riverkeeper

Here’s the uber-arrogant announcement that Maya & company plan to bully FERC in Washington in December:

People’s Hearing Investigating FERC

We The People are holding hearings to investigate the abuses of power and law being inflicted by FERC in communities across America.

When: December 2, 2016 – Panels will be testifying from 11:30 to 4:30

Where: National Press Club, Washington, DC

Who: People who have experienced abuse at the hands of FERC and the pipeline industry

Save the Date and Plan to Join Us

Will you be among those to testify and bear witness to the abuses of FERC?

If you are interested in submitting testimony, testifying or attending this People’s Hearing into abuses by FERC please fill out this google form: http://bit.ly/PeoplesHearingSurvey


Every day there is a new example of how the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is abusing its power and the law in its biased reviews of fracked gas pipelines and its disregard of the rights of people, states and regulatory agencies:

  • Aggressive use of the power of eminent domain;
  • Stripping states of their legal authority by leap frogging over it;
  • Creating legal loopholes that put people in legal limbo, unable to challenge pipelines in court before FERC sends them in to construction;
  • False public hearings that divide and conquer communities;
  • Commissioners who approve projects that will benefit them personally;
  • Supporting pipeline and consultant self-dealing;
  • Never saying no;
  • Never forcing compliance with community protection laws as projects proceed through construction;
  • And on and on and on …..

Communities from over 35 states and the District of Columbia abused by FERC have demanded that Congress investigate by holding congressional hearings.

While some members of the Committee on Energy and Commerce expressed support for our request through statements to the press, we need more than their support. We need action.

And we don’t have the luxury of waiting for Congress to get its act together – we need our evidence of FERC’s abuse to come forward today so we can secure needed reforms and prevent FERC’s continued Rubber Stamping on fracked gas pipeline projects cutting through our communities.

And so We The People are holding our own hearing in Washington, D.C. on December 2, 2016 at the National Press Club between 11:30 and 4:30.

We will invite elected and newly elected members of Congress and the press to come hear about the abuses FERC is heaping on our communities

We need Congress and the world to hear what is happening with FERC and how our communities are being abused.

Let us know if you want to come and bear witness to the abuse and devastation you, your family and your community have suffered at the hands of FERC.

Please fill out the google form that lets us know if you can join us and the message you have to send. http://bit.ly/PeoplesHearingSurvey

We are hoping to find financial support to help those traveling long distances with their travel and accommodation costs, so at this point, please don’t let travel or accommodation costs prevent you from signing up. Just be sure to check the spot that says if you would need travel support in order to attend.

Organizers of the People’s Hearing include: Berks Gas Truth, Clean Water Action, Delaware Riverkeeper Network, Earthworks, Food & Water Watch, Catskill Mountainkeeper

If you click here to view the announcement on their website, you will notice they use the photo of a child holding an anti-pipeline sign. We call that child abuse! 

Editor’s Note: Notice the list of organizers. It’s no coincidence they are the usual suspects. As I wrote here, “Clean Water Action is also funded by the Energy Foundation and the Park Foundation, plus the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation (a Rockefeller outfit lead by the President of the Open Space Institute) and the William Penn Foundation, the last two also being funders of the Delaware Riverkeeper… Food & Water Watch is majorly funded by the Park Foundation.” Earthworks is one of the myriad groups in Fractivist Rasputin Jay Halfon’s orbit. The Catskill Mountainkeeper, of course, is still another Rockefeller outfit—an integral part of the NRDC gang. This latest stupid FERC trick is, moreover, simply a continuation of a propaganda campaign initiated in 2009, as we learn from this WikiLeaks find from 2011:

Anti-fracturing activism appeared in the Marcellus only a few years ago, and funding patterns in the issue are only just beginning to emerge.  Impeding a clear picture of Marcellus funding are several factors...  It is only relatively recently that more established organizations such as Earthworks’ Oil and Gas Accountability Project (OGAP) began to organize the profusion of grassroots and community groups in the region into more formal coalitions.  The involvement of such groups also brings access to funding resources previously unavailable to many of the spontaneously formed grassroots organizations in the region.  A fuller picture is slowly becoming visible as these coalitions solidify and as the tax disclosures of grantmakers and grantees become available.

The funding of early fracturing opposition in the Marcellus was diffuse, matching the state of the activism in general.  Beginning in 2007, grassroots groups began to emerge to address the issue.  Larger state and regional organizations such as and Citizens Campaign for the Environment began to take up the issue, but in its early stages the lack of coordination among groups and the absence of visible activist leaders prevented funders from making significant investments in Marcellus activism — it was not apparent where their money was best spent.  This began to change by 2010 with the entry of larger organizations, most notably Earthworks.  Relatively small, scattered grants from organizations such as Wallace Genetic Foundation and Laurel Foundation were the norm in 2008.  However, by 2009, more concerted funding efforts began to appear.  Most notable was the New York-based Park Foundation, which in 2009 began a coordinated effort to fund organizations opposed to fracturing, including local and state groups such as Environmental Advocates of New York as well as national groups such as Natural Resources Defense Council.   The most ambitious funding effort began in late 2010, when the little-known Pennsylvania-based Colcom Foundation announced it would create a million-dollar fund for Marcellus activism.  By March 2011, it had awarded $900,000 in grants and announced it was seeking proposals for up to $400,000 in additional grants this year.  Other foundations that have emerged as supporters of multiple fracturing efforts include the New Jersey-based Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation and New York Community Trust.  The two organized a funders’ meeting on hydraulic fracturing and drinking water concerns in spring 2009, during which Delaware Riverkeeper and Catskill Mountainkeeper [gave] a presentation on the issues.  Others examples of increasing coordination among funders are found in events such as a February 2011 meeting of the Delaware Valley Grantmakers devoted to natural gas drilling and fracturing issues; the host was the William Penn Foundation, and attendees included the Campbell Foundation, Heinz Endowments and Park Foundation, as well as smaller regional funders. 

Funding of efforts that are national in scope have been rarer, but are likely to increase.  The Hewlett Foundation recently awarded Sierra Club a $150,000 grant for its national natural gas regulatory reform campaign — which is significant enough in its own right, but signals that Hewlett will likely bolster the effort in other areas; and other funders will almost certainly follow Hewlett’s example.

This it how it all works. The Delaware Povertykeeper’s stupid FERC trick is just one of the things they’re paid to do by the Heinz/Park/Rockefeller/William Penn Foundation cabal.

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4 thoughts on “Delaware Riverkeeper To Do Stupid FERC Trick

  1. If the pipeline operators know what is good for them, more than the usual CYA and stupid bromides, they would sue her for any number of actions (slander, abuse of process, commercial interference, tortuous actions and on and on) and get to know the town’s Sheriff or Marshall. The second this ugly woman does any kind of tort, property destruction or trespass, then jail her butt for as long as possible…each and every time she walks or breathes her stupidity. If there is a fuel supplier, that is private, stop supplying her with fuel oil. The same as with gas this ingrate uses if the company is private…just deny service. If she succeeds in denying a permit for a new gas line, then the AFFECTED residents should sue her and her ilk for the consequential damages she brought on. The ONLY REASON these indolent and petulant children continue what they do is for the attention and the FACT there are few if any consequences for their actions. To do otherwise, is to cave and the stupid people win and the pipeline operators will lose. There should be no holds barred in attacking this menace.

  2. It’s interesting. “The people’s” hearings.

    Said it before but I will say it again the antifracking pipeline movement thinks it is “the people”. Whether that is Americans , pennsylvanians, new Yorkers , Californians etc. It’s pretty undemocratic.

    Look it doesn’t matter really if it’s deleware riverkeeper or earth justice or Robert Kennedy Jr or sape or beyond extreme energy at this point holding the hearing. Ferc is an illigitmate rogue agency according to the antifracking movement and it only operates on behalf of the natural gas industry and pipeline companies. This has been established. Some news reporters now commonly write about ferc as a problematic agency right?

    If you are watching the Dakota pipe issue play out you see that a judges decision doesn’t matter at all. Facts dont matter.

    The only thing that matters now is what you can get broadcast and people to believe. That’s how it seems to me at this point.

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