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Dear President Obama

FrackmanFurmanVictor Furman
Chenango County, NY, Landowner
Shale Gas Activist


President Obama is scheduled to visit the region this week and Vera Scroggins is out with a gimmicky video invitation to tour the gas fields.  Vic Furman says he should do a tour and in a letter to Obama tells why.

Dear President Obama,

I know it’s highly unusual, but I recommend you consider an invitation from one of our opponents on the other side of the fracking debate.  Vera Scroggins a/k/a Vera Duerga, has done a video invitation to come and see Northeastern Pennsylvania for yourself by taking a tour of the gas region.  Nothing could be more helpful because what you’ll see is nothing like what Vera and friends have offered.  I’ll be more than pleased to arrange a tour of the very same sites Vera trashes her in her video so you can see the truth.

Before you go, though, you need to watch Vera’s video, prepared with the help of fellow serial protester Bill Huston.  Here it is:

Now, there are numerous problems with Vera’s video, some of which I’ll get to shortly, but, first, we want you to take note, at 3:46, when Vera identifies herself as a grandmother, the role she reprises every time there’s a reporter in sight.  She uses a somewhat soft innocent sounding voice to make an restrained, yet passionate, appeal to the President to see “what I’ve been showing people for past four years.  Come and see what is happening to us, what we’ve been exposed to.  I would like you to see it how things have changed in the past five years before you make any decision about gas drilling or shale gas.” Laying aside her tell-tale New Jersey accent, she sounds so, so reasonable – like someone who should be heard.

But, reasonable is not in Vera’s vocabulary. No, she’s a committed activist for every non-conformist cause that appears on the horizon and her real vocabulary is anything but endearing, as these quite different videos illustrate:

Vera’s latest video, her invitation to President Obama, has bigger problems, however, than it’s narration by a local gadfly with a foul mouth and inclination to play the grandmother card. They include the following:

  • 0:52 Vera tries to suggest a farmer was put out of business selling produce by the installation of a well pad on the farm.  The reality is that farms are, over and over again, being saved by gas drilling.  I suggest, President Obama, that you watch this 30-second video clip from Truthland, which tells the real story.
  • 1:02 Vera shows a photo from a tour she gave to three New York State Senators.  During (and before) the tour she attempted to blame a normal algae bloom in a local stream on gas drilling and then, under pressure, recanted, a fact picked up on by even the already anti-fracking Senator Bill Perkins.  You can read all about that episode here.
  • 1:38 Vera, like all fractivists, loves showing pictures of natural gas development sites, as if sites stayed that way, forever.  One can do that with any construction site, of course, whether it involves building a new pharmacy, a new cow barn or a new natural gas well.  Here’s the reality, posted on this Facebook page last week.
    Obama CHKwellpadWVduringafter
  • 1:49 Vera depicts Rebecca Roter as a resident of Brooklyn Township.  Roter may have a home in Brooklyn Township, but she is a resident of Bucks County, Pennsylvania and a non-stop activist for the Clean Air Council, one of the radical anti-gas entities funded by the William Penn Foundation.  Most of Vera’s interviewees in this video, in fact, are what I’d call professional or serial protestors.
  • 2:31 Vera mentions shale gas near schools as if it were a negative.  Yes, shale gas wells are being developed near schools, but it’s paying the bills for those schools and helping them develop new facilities that are training youth for great-paying jobs in the industry.  Check it out here.
    Obama CabotScholarshipGroup
  • 3:00 Vera uses Terry Greenwood (among several other fractivists with wild ideas) to suggest fracking had polluted water.  However, the well Greenwood says contaminated his water and killed his cows was a vertical, non-Marcellus conventional natural gas well drilled in 2007. That means it didn’t involve high-volume hydraulic fracturing.  Also, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) says the deaths were due to E. coli bacteria in the Greenwood’s pond and had nothing to do with gas drilling.
  • 3:42 Vera features Ray Kemble, a Dimock junkyard owner, who, despite the fact junkyards are primary polluters, claims his water is polluted by gas drilling/fracking and the EPA is lying (among numerous other accusations) despite evidence from multiple sources indicating the opposite.  I suggest Mr. Kemble’s credibility  be judged from this video.
  • 5:35 Vera presents Matthew Manning to tell his story of what supposedly happened to their home in Franklin Forks; a false narrative that was played to the hilt for several months by Yoko Ono and others.  She just happens to leave out the conclusion to the whole sordid episode when DEP determined gas drilling and fracking were not the cause.  Manning, at 5:48, mentions “800 people now affected.”  That is apparently a reference to the ludicrous “List of the Harmed” I discussed on Marcellus Drilling News.
  • 7:18 Vera asks you, President Obama, to come and see “what we have been exposed to.”  Perhaps, you would interested in knowing what we have been exposed to with Vera Scroggins.  You’ll find not only the two videos from above but many other insights into what Vera has putting us through.

So, President Obama, please accept Vera’s invitation to take a tour, but use anyone but her as a guide or source of information.  While you’re taking the tour please visit with some of the 6,000-8,000 people who showed at the Cabot Picnic to express their appreciation for what the industry has done for Bradford and Susquehanna Counties; employment up by 1,645 jobs for an increase of 5.2%, total wages up $278 million (28.3%) and some 410 new business establishments since 2001 (with 149 since just 2008).  Meanwhile, neighboring New York lost ground.  Perhaps this is just the entire US needs, more natural gas development.  Come and see our great  example – yes, come, please.

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6 thoughts on “Dear President Obama

  1. Tom…I would like to thank you and all of your staff who’s hard work in the field, made possible, so many video’s and found so many facts that help greatly to write articles such as this, and to defeat the ignorant comments made in the field by those who were indoctrinated by liar “Josh Fox’s Gaslies movies.

  2. Tom,

    this is like being in a Saturday Matinee with one exception; mama would not allow us to attend the movie with this type language. Wow what a mouth on that Person (lady?). Thanks Tom for more great script and video on Gas extraction and development trut.

    A friend


    I certainly hope the President does not buy her boloni; it’s sour!!!

  3. Thank you Vic, well written and appreciated…I was so angry when I watched Vera’s video, she acts as she is speaking for this community, that is nothing short of a LIE, she speaks only for herself, so thank you on behalf of Susquehanna county for such a well written and put together letter !!!!!

  4. Vera is hilarious. She has a vicious tongue as shown by the two videos with Phelim. I hope someday to run into her or Craig Stevens as I would very much like to obtain a sample of that jug of brown liquid that he and Ray Kemble carry around. One has to wonder where these three stooges are getting their money from as to my knowledge none have a job. Keep up the great work!

  5. Thank you for putting together an accurate account of what is really going on here in Pennsylvania. As a 6th generation farm owner here in Susq. County and having a gas well on our beloved lands – I would be honored to share the truth with anyone who asks. This has been nothing short of a blessing from God – our farm will now be safely preserved for generations to come.

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