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Dear DRBC: Are You Listening to Landowners?

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 2.55.26 PMBob Rutledge
President, NWPOA



Given the long delay in action by the Commissioners of DRBC, I decided, on behalf of the Northern Wayne Property Owners Alliance, to write to the new Executive Director with our thoughts.

Dear Mr. Steven J. Tambini, Executive Director Of the DRBC,

Six months have passed since we received your letter stating that you were in the “listening and learning” phase of your tenure with DRBC.  Your letter also stated that during this journey you would be “seeking input about a wide range of issues impacting the basin (not just on natural gas) from a diverse group of stakeholders-some might say from ‘both sides’ or ‘all sides.’”

The letter stated that you wanted to “understand the issues and obtain input from a diverse cross section of perspectives” because you believed “this can lead to a better and more comprehensive information gathering on any subject.”  However, during this time you have not requested any input from a very large group of stakeholders, the landowners of the watershed.

A member of the Northern Wayne Property Owners Alliance executive committee, Rich Lenz, reached out to you on several occasions in an attempt to set up a meeting with you.  He was told that you would not meet with him due to NWPOA’s pending lawsuit against the DRBC.

Yet, the Delaware Riverkeeper Network has already sued the DRBC and is poised to sue again.  They not only meet with you on a regular basis, but are also positioned on 5 of the 7 advisory committees.  Since the landowners do not seem to have a voice, we are left with the impression that you are only listening to and learning from one side.  We can understand your legal concerns, but if you have been able to continue to work with the Delaware Riverkeeper Network through past suits and potential future suits, we feel that you should be able to work with the property owners as well.


Robert Rutledge, Chairman and Director
Northern Wayne Property Owners Alliance

Editor’s Note: We note Mr. Tambini has made a point to meet with the Wayne County Board of Commissioners and been willing to meet with some others as well. We, therefore, continue to give him the benefit of the doubt and place the blame for the DRBC debacle squarely on his predecessor and the Commissioners of that body, who allowed this intolerable double-standard and situation to fester before handing it over to Tambini, who will now need to address it.

We also note the Delaware Riverkeeper continues, with pride, to feature on its website this video of Maya van Rossum interrupting a DRBC meeting in 2013 – the same Delaware Riverkeeper group that is allowed to participate on multiple committees of the DRBC as the latter continues to take funding from the William Penn Foundation on the issue of gas drilling, even as that foundation simultaneously underwrites the Delaware Riverkeeper disruption of its meetings.

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4 thoughts on “Dear DRBC: Are You Listening to Landowners?

  1. The DRBC knows all to well about the conflict of interest with the Riverkeeper, WM Penn ands Hass funds yet does nothing about it as of 4-7-2015.

  2. “Dear Mr. Steven J. Tambini, Executive Director Of the DRBC”.

    Sorry Bob, but our Dear Mr.Tambini only takes his marching orders from his Manhattan, New York City handlers. He’s what you would call a marionette. A political Howdy Duty, Cuomo type, if you will.

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