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What DAPL Tells Us About Fractivists and Other Frauds

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DAPL offers an in-depth look into the spoiled child minds of fractivists and other environmental activists who have turned out to be merely fakes and frauds.

The Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) has shown us precisely who fractivists really are; frauds of the first order. We’ve told story after story here about the whole thing not because it has much to do with natural gas but, rather, because the DAPL opponents are our opponents, too.

What they’re doing in North Dakota is what they want to do everywhere. They latched onto the cause as it provided everything they could hope for; disenfranchised Native Americans being bullied by big oil, a sacred life style being disrupted by a pipeline and threatened water. It was the perfect stage for a fractivist theatrical performance. But, then the audience starting walking out and the actors followed, leaving behind a mess for the supposed victims (for whom they claimed to speak) to clean up. DAPL has told the world what a bunch of frauds fractivists really are.


The beginning was a beautiful thing for them. They stood with the purest of the pure — our Native Americans — against a great injustice. They rushed to be there alongside the downtrodden. They threw themselves on the mercies of others as martyrs to the great cause; except that it was all a big lie. The Standing Rock Sioux used them effectively in an attempt to leverage some more money out of the pipeline developer and/or government. They, in turn, used the Sioux as poster children for their own campaigns against oil, gas, capitalism and everything else they hate about the Western civilization that spawned them and then spoiled them.

And, then it went too far. The lies unraveled as a judge, sheriffs and governor slowly got the facts out. The faces of the bulk of protesters were revealed to be spoiled Easterners and the radical shills of special interests, not tramped-upon Native Americans. The Standing Rock Sioux began to feel used and noticed their allies didn’t seem to care as much about the environment as they proclaimed. The Sioux asked the DAPL protesters to please leave and take their trash with them before it ended up in the river, polluting it. They have now mostly left, apparently driven out more by the severe cold than the pleas of the Sioux, and have, indeed, left a huge mess; just like every other spoiled child.


The current status? Well, here’s the news from the North Dakota Governor’s office (emphasis added):

Gov. Doug Burgum today signed an emergency evacuation order out of concern for the safety of people who are residing on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) land in southern Morton County and to avoid an ecological disaster to the Missouri River.

Warm temperatures have accelerated snowmelt in the area of the Oceti Sakowin protest camp, and the National Weather Service reports that the Cannonball River should be on the watch for rising water levels and an increased risk of ice jams later this week. Due to these conditions, the governor’s emergency order addresses safety concerns to human life as anyone in the floodplain is at risk for possible injury or death. The order also addresses the need to protect the Missouri River from the waste that will flow into the Cannonball River and Lake Oahe if the camp is not cleared and the cleanup expedited.

In a letter issued Feb. 3, the Corps also ordered those camping on federal property to vacate to prevent injuries and significant environmental damage in the likely event of flooding in the area. The Corps addressed the environmental risk to the river and lake from the significant impacts the protest camps have made on the land.

The Oceti Sakowin camp needs to be evacuated no later than Feb. 22 in order to allow private contractors to accelerate the removal of waste from the camp.

More details and pictures are available in a CNS story titled “Evac Ordered: Human Waste, Abandoned Cars Create Potential Enviro-Disaster at DAPL Protest Camp.” The governor’s executive order, available here, also includes some very descriptive language:

WHEREAS, months of accumulated debris, including human waste generated by the populations that have occupied the aforementioned areas of Morton and Sioux Counties pose a significant and increasing environmental threat to the waters of the Missouri River if cleanup and removal efforts are not quickly accelerated and completed before flooding begins; and

WHEREAS, localized runoff and the continued unlawful occupation of the areas in Morton and Sioux Counties have significantly interfered with cleanup efforts. The ongoing cleanup and removal efforts, while meaningful, are insufficient to avert environmental threats based upon present and forecasted conditions; and

WHEREAS, the presence of accumulated waste, abandoned vehicles and unlawful temporary and permanent dwelling structures in this flood-prone area has created significant health and public safety risks as well as environmental hazards, even absent imminent flooding

Amazing isn’t it? Yet, this is what we have come to expect from the spoiled children who constitute the fractivist gang. Just yesterday, the governor had to issue another warning:

With Governor Doug Burgum and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers ordering protestors to leave the Oceti Sakowin camp by Wednesday, February 22, state officials are warning that protestors stalling and delaying cleanup efforts by the Corps and the State of North Dakota could lead to a deterioration of public health.

Like any other exposure to untreated water, exposure to or ingestion of flood waters can result in infections or illness,” said Kirby Krueger, Department of Health Director of Disease Control. “Flood waters contaminated with untreated sewage or animal waste can contain disease-causing organisms and exposure to these waters can result in illness.”

Those involved in cleanup activities need to accelerate their efforts in order to remove the waste before it becomes an ecological disaster and water is contaminated for those living downstream, including the people on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation.

The DAPL protest has revealed the rotten inner core of fractivism and related “movements.” They are not about the environment or anything remotely altruistic. They are about self-aggrandizement through virtue signaling; the waving hands of spoiled children eager to gain favor with a parent or teacher by telling on some other child as they stand over the remains of the broken fishbowl.

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3 thoughts on “What DAPL Tells Us About Fractivists and Other Frauds

  1. The Dakota Pipeline fiasco also demonstrated a serious failure in the field of journalism. Some of us know that this failure is deeply rooted as well and has been an ongoing problem now with multiple natural as pipelines for YEARS. The inability of the press (and this was widespread) to get the ACTUAL FACTS OUT should not be overlooked.

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