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Constitution Pipeline Rejection Is A Political Lesson

constitution pipeline

Tom Shepstone
Natural Gas NOW


The Constitution Pipeline has been rejected by Andrew Cuomo, who, once again, threw upstate to the wolves offering a political lesson to pipeline companies.

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo has once again thrown Upstate New York under the bus or to the wolves (pick your analogy) in favor of the NRDC gang and its friends. Once again Cuomo has illustrated just how little he cares about Upstate New York and how much he’s under the thumb of the NRDC gang – rich elitists from Manhattan whose homes are heated, directly or indirectly, by natural gas but who are determined to make a wilderness out of Upstate New York. Rural economies didn’t matter, jobs didn’t matter, local manufacturers didn’t matter, energy security didn’t matter, wintertime energy needs didn’t matter, prices didn’t matter and the environment didn’t matter. All that mattered was the political agenda of the New York’s biggest snobs. He has against all evidence, precedence and the advice of his own DEC rejected the Constitution Pipeline.

constitution pipeline

The ridiculous decision, couched in bureaucratic BS everyone knows had zero to do with the outcome, may be found here. I’m not going to give it the dignity of a point by point rebuttal because that plays the craven Cuomo’s game; the DEC didn’t make this decision. Rather, this decision was made by a micro-managing power-obsessed politician who imagines he’s a dictator but, in fact, walks around with a Rockefeller bull ring in his nose. It’s easy to go through all the reasons this is so, but no one who reads this blog needs that education. We’ve documented it all backward, forward and sideways.

Unfortunately, though we all had hope the decision might go otherwise, the end game was clear a year ago when Williams made an ill-advised decision to honor DEC’s request for a resubmission of its application to give the state another year it didn’t deserve to review an application it had already had for more than a year. Let me perfectly clear; whoever made that decision thinking DEC and Cuomo were going to do anything other than exploit the additional year to allow more time for opposition to build should be fired – immediately. It was incredibly naive and failed to appreciate the hardball nature of New York State politics under  a governor more political and more corrupt than any of those before him.


There is no appeasing Cuomo or his NRDC bosses. There are no deals to made with them. Simply put, they must be beaten. Williams should have gone to FERC a year ago for a waiver and, instead, decided to play poker with a card shark capo. I couldn’t have more respect for Williams as a responsible pipeline company and I have the highest admiration for their local staff who worked so hard to make something happen, and had it all undermined by an incredible foolish decision anyone experienced with New York politics would have never made. It is incredibly sad and, to repeat, someone should be fired for thinking any other outcome was possible without a fight.

Where does this leave us? Well, obviously, it’s now a legal battle begun a year too late. Williams probably has a decent opportunity to prevail in court, which will be a much fairer venue than a New York DEC under the thumb of Cuomo. But, it all means still more delay and it was unnecessary. Meanwhile, this is a good time for labor unions cheated by Cuomo to re-examine their support for the man. He’s put the interests of the Park and Rockefeller families above those of labor and it’s long past time for unions to recognize who their friends are and who their enemies are. Perhaps such an awakening is one of the good things that can come out of this truly despicable decision. One hopes the unions see what a cowardly, craven decision this was; released as a Friday afternoon news dump in hopes it will get as little attention as possible.


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21 thoughts on “Constitution Pipeline Rejection Is A Political Lesson

  1. This could of have been a win win situation. I agree with you but one needs to know how to deal with New Yorkers as well. It could be that the cost of meeting all these permit requirements and trench less crossings was too much, making this project in feasible. Maybe the Answer is to build locally in PA and forget about NY. The future could be great for PA.

  2. Tom: You are correct in assessing the situation as the problems indeed start when anyone in this industry, upstream to all the way downstream, tries to negotiate with non-negotiables. There are many adjectives for Kerry’s wife and her trust, for a few of the Rockefellers (as you pointed out, but did you miss the real idiot in the family – Larry?) and their wealth obsessed, supplicants. It is the public’s tolerance of job killing protesters that has emboldened all of the sycophants who rail against the very lifeblood of this country…out of abject and embarrassing ignorance…or, in your case, out of unbridled greed. If I were a Penn gas producer, I would study how to either not sell into NY’s market, working within FERC requirements or if not to be avoided, then charge a hhhhuugggeee transport fee. These same warped pitiful slugs now want to boycott NC and MS over the LGBT pc issues and DC is forcing corporations to install unisex toilets (see how Cuomo comes down on their side?). Two things, if Bruce Jenner walked into a girls bathroom to pee, and one of my daughters were in there, I would clock him instantly. Alternatively, as men, I think we should just all pee on the toilet seats until sanity develops. Just pee on Cuomo’s parade by dong what you are doing and eventually the good folks of NY will flush this con-man down the toilet. If we get wigged out by every successful attack against the industry, we will lose our drive to fight eventually. Take the hits and use them to make you stronger. You might take note that pipeline companies, when in Federal Court, almost always prevail, as they are not only heavily regulated common carriers, but as quasi-utilities serving the greater good, their needs can eventually be imposed upon a county or state, through imminent domain backed by FERC.

    • Change will not be made in the streets like the radicals do, but at the ballot box when we vote for Pres, our senators and congressmen, and our judges.
      That is when real change is made.

  3. Doesn’t surprise me a bit, I am sure that solar panel mailers are already in the mail to the entire affected area, cut off the natural gas and freeze them, then bombard the affected areas with solar ads, Cuomo’s cronies are heavy invested in solar and Cuomo is going to make his Buffalo Solar folly works even if he has to cut off the natural gas to every town in NY and beyond to do so. If you don’t think there is a connection between Cuomo’s elite friends who are heavy invested in solar, buffalo’s new solar factory, the denying of natural gas drilling and pipelines, you are a fool and a perfect candidate for the fool of the year.
    Its NY corruption at its best, invest a billion dollars in taxpayer money in a company that your political donors are heavily invested in (solar), deny any competing alternative energy source (Natural Gas, nuclear), and reap the rewards.

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  5. Can anyone say AGENDA 21 Cuomo is forcing people economically not only to sell there homes but to abandon them. He is a tyrant and I wish Williams would organize a rally in times Square so that the world will know who we have running this state into the ground

    • Waaaa I didn’t get my pipeline and Cabot lost to wronged citizens ! What kind of capitalistic country is this any who !! A country where people still have a say beyond corporate money and power ……God Bless America !

      • It’s not the country, it’s the People’s Republic of New York, ruled with an iron fist by Comrade Cuomo, the bullying puppet of big money intetests. Laws and people mean nothing to him, nor does anything except his personal greed. Someday he’ll get his though – that sort of thuggish behavior cries out for the likes of a Donald Trump to slap him and send him away crying, as most bullies will do. He’s a small, pathetic excuse for a man, not fit tor much of anything. Perhaps that’s why he survives in the cesspool if NY politics.

        • I believe it is just the opposite of what you say .Cuomo has the character to stand up to the NG industry and all would be profit makers ( that think they have the right to allow nuisances on their properties ) and get away with all the harm caused to their neighbors….but the law says differently ….you have little knowledge of actual occurrences from development of NG in an area,,,a lot more tales place than just possibly making a quick buck on it ….I learn more everyday about how wrong this was for PA .Read Sundays ( April 24 ) paper just one of the issues that continue to haunt people in drilling areas .

          • No,. it’s not for the governor to be involved in the decision – that’s the function of a supposedly non-political body like the DEC. That body should remove BOTH corporate and political interference. Sadly, the governor sold his soul (if he had one at all) to his political greed. Luckily most of the rest of the country sees what a corrupt cesspool Albany is, and would not touch Cuomo for any nationwide office. My 91-year old mother in FL knows better than to believe any spew from that wining loser!

    • He may be a tyrant, coward or hero, but one thing is for sure, his tenure is determinable. Just got to get enough folks to vote that have good sense and this crap will stop. The folks like Bill, the commentator, believe pipeline companies are just slot machines for rich, white elites, (or is that the libs?) that rape and pillage Gaia, or at least their farms or plots. Bill apparently does not understand what flows through America’s 2.5 million miles of pipelines. Stuff that keeps him alive during the winter and gives him electricity to power his life. He gives no examples BTW, of any surface claims that would be as a result of lessee / operator negligence. Although a lot of the protesters know full well what is in our pipelines, and selfishly, they protest to deny others that are not so fortunate to have the same pipeline service. Amazing how dense some folks can be that live among us by wanting to attack or deny infrastructure to other communities for self aggrandizing purposes.

      • I know quite well what NG development brings since I have seen what it can do , and does to many in it’s way for the past 6 + yrs.The process is far from Safe done next to homes and public dwellings .It creates many nuisances for everyone in a drilling area and only a few make out ,but all experience the hazards and health issues ( there are plenty of them too ) …I’m for energy development ,but not for development when operations are heavy industrial and create plenty of industrial related issues Next to our Homes ) …..comes from actual experience …

  6. http://investor.williams.com/press-release/williams/constitution-pipeline-receives-ferc-authorization-proceed-limited-tree-fellin

    So let me see if I have just the latest hoohah correct, remembering that the Constitution pipeline has been under review and in the news in whatever poor fashion now for years. Not quite but almost a year after the DEC stated they didn’t foresee any undue delay on reviewing the permit for this pipe and months after the DEC was clearly aware that trees had been felled in neighboring PA along the right of way the DEC produced some paperwork and a press release about this permit on earthday? And that is after being unwilling to provide any information whatsoever on the reason for the long delay on a decision on the permit? So what happens in PA?


    • I wonder too – since this is an interstate venture, approved by a federal agency – is there any recourse in federal court to the parties under the interstate commerce provisions of the Constitution?

  7. Somebody needs to call a Waaambulance. Get on board with sustainables. Stop bashing people you’re afraid of who have rights as human beings, deal with the fact that fossils are unsustainable and that you found yourself squarely on the wrong side of history.

    • Yeah, why don’t you preach to those people in NE who’s ‘rights’ (according to you) must pay more for natural gas because it’s in short supply? And who are YOU to decide what another’s rights are? Another loser liberal who puts themselves above others with some sort of smug self-superiority complex!

      When renewables are cost-competitive with fossil fuels, they will naturally assume their rightful role. Forcing poverty on lower-income people by misguided mandates for renewables is criminal, and the so-called champions of the downtrodden are nothing but pandering phonies who have NEVER EVER done anything for anybody other than themselves.

  8. Your analogy to the nose ring in Quomo controlling his moves is brilliant and right on the money! About 50 years ago I gave a talk to a 4-H group about how effective a ‘nose clip’ is to make a steer understand who is the boss.

    My steer didn’t have a choice in the matter, but Cuomo does, and he CHOOSES TO CLIP HIMSELF to that nose ring!

    The two pipeline denials, on top of the fracking denial, are great examples of corruption by the power of money to “help” decision-making go against the best interests of constituents, for the wishes of a few power-brokers.

    They send a shot across the bow of any company wanting to come to New York for business without first paying the piper at Albany, and continuing with regular contributions as a cost of business, to assure they are ‘politically correct’.

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