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The Coastal Elites Funding Opposition to the Shell Cracker

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The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania fought hard to secure the Shell Cracker for Western Pennsylvania but coastal elites are fighting to stop it.

Two different Pennsylvania Governors of different parties fought to get Royal Dutch Shell to locate a cracker in Beaver County. It’s a massive economic opportunity for all of Pennsylvania; a multi-billion investment that will create jobs, stimulate other manufacturing and . That hasn’t stopped New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and San Francisco snobs from trying to undermine it, though. These coastal elites, who form the financial backbone of fractivism in this country, are funding opposition to the Shell cracker. What’s happening is the reason Donald Trump, for better or worse, was elected President by Pennsylvanians among others; to strike back at this same plutocracy.

shell cracker petrochempenn

Rendering of proposed Shell cracker in Beaver County

What I’m talking about is an event that place Thursday in Beaver County. It was promoted as an educational opportunity but was apparently more like a propaganda palooza. I saved the invite here, and a rundown of the event may be found here. It’s a long post but does a nice job summarizing what happened and it wasn’t pretty. You can get a sense of it all from this one line uttered by Iris Carter, one of the speakers:

“It’s gonna be atrocious. Just really, really funky,” said Iris, adding, “The value of your homes will go down.”

It goes downhill from there but what attracted my attention wasn’t this blather, but, rather, the names of two of the sponsors; the two groups obviously behind the whole thing. They are the Clean Air Council and Clean Water Action. Neither group needs much introduction to NaturalGasNOW readers as we’ve written about both multiple times.

The Clean Air Council is one of the William Penn Foundation’s favorite shill groups. It’s also a gentry class attack dog for the Heinz Endowments. These are the same two families (Haas and Heinz) who have funded StateImpactPA, the Delaware Riverkeeper and PennFuture. Here’s its recent funding from William Penn — a total $1,671,000 covering a four-year period, an average of $417,750 per year, roughly one-quarter to one-third of the Council’s:


Two of the grants are theoretically unrelated to the Clean Air Council’s fractivist activities but money is fungible, of course. Moreover, if the other two grants and the activities associated with them are taken out of consideration, the remainder of the budget over the last two years is even more heavily tilted toward fighting natural gas development, including the Shell cracker, on behalf of the Haas family.

The Heinz family, too, is a big spender on the Clean Air Council. Here is their rundown of funding to the group:

Shell Cracker

Add the $565,000 granted by the Heinz family to the Clean Air Council with the $665,000 granted by the Haas family and you have $1,230,000 given to the group in 2015 to fight natural gas. Is there any doubt to who it’s indebted or what its job is?

Likewise, Clean Water Action is a completely phony group. I detailed how they work here, noting how they hired protestors for $10-$13.80 per hour to fight “big corporate polluters.” The Heinz Endowments has give them $990,000 since 2010 to, among other things, “characterize pollution impacts of Marcellus Shale development” (code language for lying and distortion):

shell cracker

The Clean Water Fund (which is Clean Water Action) has also been funded by the Energy Foundation (indirectly funded by Nat Simons, which gave the Clean Air Council $65,000 last year), the Park Foundation and the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation (a Rockefeller outfit lead by the President of the Open Space Institute) and the William Penn Foundation.

This is the echo chamber and network of shills funding opposition to the Shell cracker. It is the voice of coastal elites – snobs and trust-funders – from New York (the Rockefellers and Parks), Philadelphia (the Haas family), Pittsburgh (the Heinz family) and San Francisco (Nat Simons). They’re fighting jobs with job offerings like this one on ZipRecruiter.com last year:

shell crackerThis is what these elites do with their money to undermine not only the Shell cracker but anything and everything connected with natural gas development or, for that matter, any development. They’re anti-development, anti-jobs, anti-shale, anti-Shell and anti-middle class. They’re elites and they stand against the interest of the common man, who they desire only to control. They do so by manipulating others, including the hopelessly naive kids who respond to this kind of crap. “Environmental activist, flex schedule” says it all, in fact. No real work, set your own hours, expunge your guilt and signal your virtues at the same time. What could better in the “mush for brains” minds of spoiled youth? Such is the opposition to the Shell cracker, brought to us by some of the wealthiest people on both coasts.

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4 thoughts on “The Coastal Elites Funding Opposition to the Shell Cracker

  1. The local people support the project and jobs. Also it is being built as we speak so I doubt the wacktivists will stop it. Where were they when there was a zinc smelting plant there ?? I was in that place a couple times, years ago when I drove tractor trailer, and I can tell you that place was far more dirty to the environment than this cracker plant will be. Part of the deal with building this cracker plant was cleaning up the environmental mess left behind by the zinc plant. Shell paid millions to clean it up. The tax payers didn’t pay for it.

  2. Same old, same old story. A bunch of investors want big profits from an apposing plant some where else like s. America or who knows where? Maybe Sir Donold will stomp on their gold nuggitt bags? Same goes for energy importers, maybe the Trumpster will step in and put large tariffs on the economy killers? Time will tell? Lets hope his stones are as big as his promises?
    Tom- times have been tough lately but I hope to send ya some $$ next month.

  3. My kids play soccer against Monaca teams and I wonder if you would want your kids growing up in the kind of air pollution expected from this plant. Those kids are fortunate you that the zinc smelters are history, but you would not mind taking them back to the kind of air quality last seen before they were born. Why? $$$

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