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The Center for Health, Environment and Justice Isn’t

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The Center for Health, Environment and Justice illustrates all that is wrong with much of fractivism. It’s ego on steroids, financed by special interests.

A reader forwarded me an e-mail he received the other day from a group known as the the Center for Health, Environment and Justice. It offered “a free training call with Protect Our Children on how to raise awareness of the risks to our kids’ health from fracking.” It provides no evidence of any harm, of course, but promises information on “how to organize and raise awareness about the potential harm to our kids of fracking.” It’s an appeal to emotion, in other words – another phony plea on behalf of “the children.” This is the sort of tactic always employed by community organizers and demagogues. The Center for Health, Environment and Justice plays both roles and does little for the children.

Center for Health, Environment and Justice“Protect Our Children” turns out be the Clean Air Council (same phone number) operating under the facade of a coalition that includes all the usual suspects.  The Center for Health, Environment and Justice, is, essentially, the ego-trip of an individual named Lois Gibbs and her husband, who founded the organization after enjoying the limelight of their involvement with the Love Canal. You can read all about her and the operation here.

The Center is now performing the function of a front for a small group of well known fractivists, funded by an even smaller number of special interest foundations who underwrite the cause in Pennsylvania. The fractivists involved include not only the Clean Air Council, but also several other advocacy organizations funded by the Heinz Endowments, Park Foundation, the Rockefeller family and the William Penn Foundation. Just look at who is behind this phony enterprise (follow links to appreciate just how phony):

Moms Clean Air Force
Mountain Watershed Association
Sierra Club
Southwest PA Environmental Health Project
Environmental Integrity Project
Center for Coalfield Justice
Clean Water Action
Delaware Riverkeeper Network
Energy Justice Network
Environmental Action
Food and Water Watch
Physicians for Social Responsibility
PSE Healthy Energy
Responsible Drilling Alliance

Check out but a few of the above links to see what Protect Our Children and the Center for Health, Environment and Justice are really about. The Center for Health, Environment and Justice itself is funded by the Park Foundation and the Heinz Endowments. They’re all doing the bidding of a handful of super-wealthy foundations. The training they’re offering is intended to motivate the naive to join their cause on the false premise it’s all about the children and their future, when it’s exactly the opposite.

Just who is exploiting the children? It would appear to be the photographer of this picture used on the Protect Our Children website.

No, these foundations seek to impose a special interest agenda that has zero to do with children. They’re about what Vivian Krause describes as “parkification,” the locking up of rural areas. They want them as their playgrounds, they themselves being the only children they truly care about. They want to make a wilderness of the areas from which we must make a living. They want no growth or future for the children of rural families. They’d rather exploit crony relationships with corrupt governors to feed at the government trough of renewables subsidies and run land scams for their own benefit. They also seek, of course, power over all of us. Children themselves, they want to treat us as their children. That’s what’s going on here.

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2 thoughts on “The Center for Health, Environment and Justice Isn’t

  1. There is nothing more hyperbolic and child abusive in the same breathe as using your kid as a political prop. If anything leaves one breathless it is bullshit produced by frackivists and their fellow Luddites

  2. Better bang for the buck would be teaching about baseline water quality problems and problems with environmental exposure to lead asbestos radon mold and second hand smoke within existing homes and then add info on other sources. Then secondary training on energy souces, use, inefficiencies, and future careers to make the USA and globe a better place. Like the training that occurred in the 1970s

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