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How to Battle Fractivists in One Easy Lesson

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The oil and gas industry has always been focused on production and is rather poor at fighting, but Texans for Natural Gas shows how to battle fractivists.

The oil and gas industry is notoriously bad (pipeline companies being the worst) and very slow, by tradition, in doing what is, essentially, land use politics. Likewise, most landowners who want the industry in their backyard are just too polite to do battle. Both the industry and its natural constituencies are driven by motives of being businesslike, friendly and unfailingly positive.

Unfortunately, that’s not enough in today’s world. It probably never was if we consider some the earliest political campaigns of our nation. Successful politicians know the public always says it hates negative campaigning, yet unfailingly responds to it. There are limits, of course. One hopes we don’t get back to where we refer to our opponent as a “mean-spirited, low-lived fellow, the son of a half-breed,” as Adams did of Jefferson.

Notwithstanding these boundaries, it’s completely fair to illustrate your opponents’ failings. bad policies, mistakes and weaknesses. How else are decision makers and voters to know, after all? The oil and gas industry and those of us who support it very much need to get better at this. An outfit called Texans for Natural Gas is showing the way.

We might call the video just put out by Texans for Natural Gas an educational one. We could easily use it as an example in a presentation entitled “How to Battle Fractivists in One say Lesson.” Here it is:

Some will take offense, no doubt; especially those dog lovers who notice the similarity with commercials promoting animal welfare. Offending fractivists such as those depicted in the video, though, should be viewed as a badge of honor, given their use of destruction and violence to get their way, to say nothing of their hypocrisy, self-righteousness and lack of willingness to be part of civil society.

It takes humor and sarcasm of the sort our people are too often loathe to use in battling these fractivists. This video is a great lesson in how to do it. We need to see a lot more of it, especially from pipeline companies. Fractivist pipeline stunts will not stop until the fractivists doing them realize they’ve become the butt of jokes about their ways.

Hat Tip: V.F.

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4 thoughts on “How to Battle Fractivists in One Easy Lesson

  1. When the Gas industry moved into Pennsylvania, as a recently retired DEP engineer, I was hired as a consultant on environmental matters. Found the industry to be a bunch of wimps, unwilling to fight for fair treatment. Marcellus Shale Coalition was nothing but a joke. “Roll over and play dead ” was their way of confronting environmental matters.

    Example–acceptance of a TDS effluent limitation that ONLY pertained to the Fracking Industry! Pointed out many times how other industries had TDS Water quality based limits of 25,000 as on the Brandwine and it was totally illegal to assign arbitrary effluent limits of 250 to the Fracking industry.

    Industry showed they are wimps and are treated as such.

  2. The irony is that the dog commercials are also mostly a scam as the Humane Society of the United States is a political activist group accruing large sums of donated money to pay high salaries and lobbyist fees (to their friends?). They do not provide any direct services to dogs or cats or rescue any animals unless its for a new photo-op. They also receive large donation from the Hunte Corporation, which registers over 80,000 puppies per year and then sells them to rescues throughout the country. Where do these puppies come from? Can you say, “Puppy Mills…” These are the models for donation revenue streams that finance cushy salaries and expense tabs without really doing anything but stirring up the masses through misinformation so they can get even more donations. It’s the biggest scam going on in the U.S. right now. So sad that so many Americans fall for these “non-profit” scams and open their wallets.

  3. http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/how-a-small-town-is-standing-up-to-fracking-w482577

    Check it. Some familiar folks being covered in Rolling Stone.

    Indeed those with frack fever should be lampooned and the easiest way to do so is to just take their own videos and social media pictures and tweets and posts and broadcast them. They lampoon themselves.

    An enormous number of news organizations, reporters, editors and editorial boards sadly also seem to need this. Same thing holds true. The amount of material in their own words and headlines is staggering .

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