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Impact Fees Paid by PA Gas Industry Reach Incredible $1.5 Billion

Madison Weaver
Cabot Oil & Gas
External Affairs Intern, Pittsburgh

Tom Wolf says Pennsylvania gets nothing from age drilling companies, but while he dissembles, the Commonwealth has collected $1.5 billion in impact fees.

In August, Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission (PUC) released the results of the Impact Fee in 2017, and they were astounding.

Last year, the Impact Fee totaled nearly $210 million, bringing the total over the past seven years to almost $1.5 billion. Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation contributed around $15.5 million alone in 2017, bringing our total contributions to over $88 million.

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No Pipelines for You: You Will Buy Renewable Energy and You Will Like It

Cuomo's Legacy - Dick DowneyRichard Downey
Unatego Area Landowners Association


Andrew Cuomo says no pipelines for Upstate New York, for New England or elsewhere. He intends to make you pay for renewable and he demands that you like it.

Kudos to former DEC Commissioner Mike Zagata for noting that if pipelines had been built in Otsego County, there would be no need for CNG trucks. The trucks would have been priced out of the market. End of tip-over problem. Pipelines don’t tip.


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Tom Wolf Is Already Getting More Than His Fair Share of Impact Fees

Methane - Don RoesslerDonald Roessler
Washington County, Pennsylvania
Landowner and Gas Lease Holder


While Tom Wolf is demagoguing about natural gas not paying its fair share, Tom Wolf is exploiting the impact fees it generates to play politics.

Governor Wolf proudly announced on Twitter yesterday that he is giving out several million dollars to fund various projects across the state. He makes himself sound like a hero and gives the impression that the money is coming from the general fund. In reality, this money is coming from the natural gas impact fees.

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Dale Howell is Grateful for Natural Gas Development and All Its Benefits

Kelsey Mulac
Cabot Oil & Gas
External Affairs, Pittsburgh

Dale Howell talks about the benefits natural gas development has brought to Susquehanna Co. and his family in Cabot’s Looking Back, Moving Forward series.

Dale Howell lives in Springville, Susquehanna County. He was raised on a farm in nearby Wyoming County and moved back to Susquehanna County to purchase land in Auburn Township. In recent decades, he was watching farms shutting down one after another.

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The Adam Diaz Success Story: Made Possible by the Shale Revolution

Kelsey Mulac
Cabot Oil & Gas
External Affairs, Pittsburgh

Adam Diaz talks about hard work, job creation and business growth, all thanks to the shale revolution, in Cabot’s Looking Back, Moving Forward series.

Coming from a family known county-wide for its strong work ethic, it’s little surprise that Adam Diaz had the foresight to diversify his assets to not only accommodate the various needs of the natural gas industry but to reinvest those profits into his existing businesses and buy up small companies on the verge of closing, making them stronger and securing their positions as gainful employers.

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Silicon Valley “100 Percent Renewable” Myth Is Pure Propaganda

environmental extremists.

Apple, Google, other Silicon Valley and politically correct corporate types like to say they’re “100 percent renewable” but it’s both myth and propaganda.

Facebook and Sony are just the most recent companies to pledge the transition to running on 100 percent renewable energy. Many companies such as Apple, REI and Google claim that they get their electricity from 100% renewable sources already. At best, this claim is misleading and deceptive. We cannot find a single instance of a large company actually going “100 percent renewable.”

The reality is that as long as these companies are connected to the electric grid, they still get the vast majority of their electricity from conventional sources such as coal, natural gas, and nuclear power, and are therefore not 100 percent renewable.

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Shale Gas News – September 15, 2018

shale gas news - desRosiers_headshotBill desRosiers
External Affairs Coordinator, Cabot Oil & Gas


The Shale Gas News, heard every Saturday at 10 AM on 94.3 FM, 1510 AM and Sundays on YesFM, talked about record production, Shell fracking, Mountain Valley pipeline and much more last week.

The Shale Gas News has grown again; welcome Gem 104 as our FOURTH station! Gem 104 helps to solidify the Shale Gas News coverage in an important Marcellus region, PA’s northern tier. The Shale Gas News is now broadcasting in Bradford, Lackawanna, Lancaster, Lebanon, Luzerne, Lycoming, Pike, Sullivan, Susquehanna, Tioga and Wayne Counties, as well as in greater central PA. The Shale Gas News is aired on Saturday or Sunday depending on the station.

Every Saturday Rusty Fender and I host a morning radio show to discuss all things natural gas. This week, as a guest, we had Brian Oram, Professional Geologist at B.F. Environmental and Program Manager & Educator at Keystone Clean Water Team.

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Our Natural Gas Infrastructure Is Critical to the Shale Revolution

"Environmentalists" - MarkindDaniel B. Markind, Esq.
Flaster Greenberg PC


The nation’s natural gas infrastructure needs attention if the promise of the shale revolution is to continue to be delivered for the benefit of Americans.

On January 11, 1912, women weavers shut down the Everett Mill in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Earlier that day, they opened their pay envelopes to find their wages cut by 4%. A recently enacted Massachusetts law had reduced the workweek for women and children from 56 hours to 54. Mill owners reacted by cutting the pay of their already lowly-paid workers. The women revolted.

The strike soon engulfed the city. Workers slashed machine belts, threads and cloth. Mill owners hired strike breakers and militiamen. That only ratcheted up the tension. Known in history as the “Bread and Roses Strike”, the bitter work stoppage lasted nine weeks. When it was over, Congressional hearings had galvanized the public against the working conditions allowed by the owners, and the workers gained a 15% pay raise. The political earthquake would be one of the seminal moments of the American labor movement.

A century later, a more literal earthquake in Lawrence, Massachusetts may portend a seminal movement for the natural gas industry.

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The Dysfunctional DRBC Has No Idea What It’s Doing

delaware riverkeeper - Jim Willis reportsJim Willis
Editor & Publisher, Marcellus Drilling News (MDN)


The dysfunctional DRBC hasn’t got a clue. There’s a vacuum of leadership that has let it drift under the control of demagogic politicians and fractivists.

Talk about a dysfunctional mess.

The Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC), a governmental organization remote-controlled by Big Green special interests, doesn’t even know how to communicate with another governmental organization; the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

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No More Feel Good Solar Games; Let’s Get Moving on Gas

Vic Furman - American PrideVictor Furman
Upstate New York Landowner Shale Gas Activist


Vic Furman makes some poignant observations about the feel good solar games going on in Broome County and other parts of New York. It’s time to get real.

Broome County, like much of New York, has been playing some very stupid solar games, which I wrote about here and here. Those solar games were further exposed when Broome County Executive Jason Garner announced his budget this week. He did a radio interview on the “Bob Joseph Show” on Radio 1290. Garner went on the show to announcing a tax reduction of 1/2 of one percent, but Bob Joseph asked him if the previously projected $140,000 in annual savings was included into the budget. Hah! You can guess the answer.

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