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Atlantic Sunrise: Working Towards U.S. Energy Independence

Natural Gas NOWConnie Mellin
Natural Gas NOW


The Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline is helping move the U.S. towards energy independence by delivering affordable, clean natural gas.

The U.S. is on the verge of energy independence due to its rapid and abundant growth in oil and gas production.  Domestically produced natural gas creates good paying American jobs as it reduces our need for foreign oil.  Pipelines are key to transport the natural gas into areas where supply is currently limited or being imported from other countries.

energy independence

Restored pipeline right of way in agricultural area

The Atlantic Sunrise pipeline, when completed, will help consumers who are now paying a higher price for natural gas. Pipeline infrastructure will help to cut their energy prices significantly, and put energy independence on the map!

energy indpependence

When complete the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline will be one of the safest modes available for transporting natural gas while minimizing the environmental impacts.

energy independence

The Atlantic Sunrise pipeline is expected to support over 8,000 jobs.  According to a study by researchers at The Pennsylvania State University:

The design and construction of the Williams Atlantic Sunrise natural gas pipeline project will generate approximately $1.6 billion in additional wages, revenues and investments to the regional and state economies of Pennsylvania and Virginia.

energy independence

Please, show your support for The Atlantic Sunrise; go to their action center to support jobs, the environment and our energy independence.

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