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Anti-Fracking Spectacle Held on Eve of DNC Convention

Climate Witch Trials - Jim Willis reports

Jim Willis
Editor & Publisher, Marcellus Drilling News (MDN)


On the eve of the Philadelphia DNC, thousands of the anti-fracking crowd came out to urge policy makers to ban fracking now.

Depending on the source you read, somewhere between 5,000 and 10,000 rabid Bernie Sanders fans marched in Philadelphia the other night, on the eve of the Democrat National Convention. Their raison d’etre? To “DEMAND” a national ban on fracking.

If true (one never knows with habitual liars), an anti-fracking crowd of that size is the biggest we’ve heard of. Congrats! Apparently there were two different groups marching, they couldn’t even coordinate a unified march. Typical. Below is some of the coverage of these wackos marching in the sweltering heat last night.


From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Thousands of environmental activists and Bernie Sanders loyalists jammed the sweltering streets of Center City in separate marches Sunday on the eve of the Democratic National Convention.

Both demonstrations were peaceful amid a huge police and fire department presence, with throngs refreshing at cooling stations and sprinklers spraying mists of water from fire hydrants. At one point, protesters thanked and waved to police and fire personnel.

Sanders crowds, already angry over WikiLeaks’ posting of 19,000 DNC emails that suggest Democratic officials favored Hillary Clinton over Sanders during the nominating contests, erupted in joy upon hearing that DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz would step down after the convention. Sanders had called for her resignation hours earlier.

“Goodbye, Debbie” and “Debbie Is Gone” were chants midway through the march from City Hall down Broad Street to FDR Park.

“It’s a good first step,” said Chris Holl, 33, from San Francisco. “. . . But they’re doing it as a concession to save the party.”

Barbara Clarke, 72, of Sebastopol, Calif., said she was ecstatic that Wasserman Schultz would be out.

“The whole DNC has to do a redo,” Clarke said, adding that the party “has undermined Bernie’s campaign from Day 1.”

One dejected Sanders loyalist, Paula Iasella, 61, of southern New Hampshire, lugged a 3-by-4-foot double-faced sign on a 7-foot-tall aluminum pole. The front of the sign was a portrait painted of Sanders with the message #stillBernie; the back, a silhouette of Sanders with his fist raised and the words “US DemExit.”

Iasella said she is leaving the Democratic Party after 42 years.

The phalanx of environmentalists sweating in the March for a Clean Energy Revolution said they were pushing for the nation’s “current and future leaders” to ban fracking now, keep fossil fuels in the ground, stop dirty energy, transition to 100 percent renewable energy, and ensure environmental justice for all.”

As temperatures rose to 95 and beyond, Bill Snape of Washington marched from City Hall to Independence Mall while remarkably remaining in costume – a head-to-paw polar bear suit – and on message.

“I’m in much better shape than the polar bears of the Arctic,” said Snape, a law professor at American University and volunteer with the nonprofit Center for Biological Diversity, as he cradled the furry bear head above his shoulder for a moment of respite. “Their habitat is literally melting, melting precipitously.”


What an idiot. There’s actually more ice at the polar caps today than there ever has been. Note to parents sending their kids (and their money) to American University: your kids are being educated by idiots.

From the shill “reporters” at StateImpactPa:

Thousands of campaigners for clean energy marched through the center of Philadelphia on the eve of the Democratic National Convention on Sunday, urging the party to adopt policies that would ban fracking and promote the use of renewable energy.

In an event that mixed national politics with local opposition to specific energy projects, some demonstrators called on the Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, to step up her support for renewable energy, while others – many of them backers of Clinton’s former rival, Senator Bernie Sanders — vowed never to support Clinton even if that increased the chances of the Republican nominee, Donald Trump, becoming president. Carrying signs such as “NeverHillary – Bernie or Bust” and “Fracking is Not a Bridge – Are You Listening Hillary?” demonstrators marched from City Hall down Market Street to Independence Mall on a sweltering day, in a peaceful but noisy event that called on state and national authorities to ban fracking and associated activities including pipelines and oil trains.

Americans Against Fracking, an advocacy group that organized the “March for a Clean Energy Revolution” said more than 10,000 representatives of some 900 groups from 50 states attended the event. Police estimated the number at around 2,000.…

But Gwen Sperling, 56, a social worker from Santa Fe, NM, said she would not vote for Clinton under any circumstances because of her disappointment with the policies of the Democratic Party.

“I’ve had enough of the Democratic Party and their half measures,” said Sperling, who wore a black Bernie Sanders T-shirt. “I will not vote for Hillary. Trump can be the president as far as I’m concerned.”

Some protestors linked their opposition to local projects like natural gas pipelines to a global need to reduce carbon emissions, and said a Democratic president would be in a position to address both issues.

“We are trying to call attention on the political agenda to pay attention to the clean energy revolution because climate change is the existential issue of our time,” said Patricia Demarco, 70, holding one end of a street-wide banner reading: “We Can’t Drink Money.”

And, so it goes. We wish we had been in Philly to watch, with a bag of popcorn in hand the spectacle that is the fractured anti-fracking movement.

Editor’s Note: There’s more. Here’s a video of the march put together by the Delaware Povertykeeper a/k/a Riverkeeper and friends:

The promoters of the march describe it as an anti-fracking or climate event and claim 5,000 to 10,000 people showed up. A quick perusal of the video indicates both claims are ridiculous. There were more like 500 to 1,000 people. They were also protesting anything and everything, from the DNC to the TPP to “Stop the War Machine.” Fracking was simply an also ran as the “Occupy” gang had a field day event. Maya can be seen taking it all in at 6:38, demonstrating yet again how little seriousness there is to these folks. Fractivism is just another appealing radical bandwagon on which to jump.

One of our readers also made some poignant observations about the video, which was made by Frank Brill:

Try to find one person in the crowd who does not have a product made from petroleum on them or in their handsNot only is Josh absent, but also Nahko Bear, Sarandon, Glover….you don’t see any of them in the crowd.

And, why is the reporter narrating and shooting the video, Frank Brill, so interested in what Tom Gilbert of the New Jersey Conservation Foundation has to say? It’s not a rhetorical question as, apparently, some in the movement, view him as quite the charlatan. He’s certainly an exploiter of the Dodge and William Penn Foundations, the same people who fund Maya’s dirty tricks.

Finally….and maybe the most comical and hypocritical….as the video is about to conclude, you’ll hear Frank Brill say he needs to recharge his batteries. So, Frank, what are your batteries made of, and in center city Philly, where will you find a solar panel or windmill to plug into?

Still another reader took notice of what was happening with the DNC Convention itself. She noticed a League of Conservation Voters (like the Dodge Foundation, a Rockefeller entity) advisory promoting a “Winning on Climate Together” reception. The League, as well as the NRDC and the Sierra Club, all of whom are supposed to be non-political charities, plan a get-together with Ted Strickland, the wanna-be senator from, and Katie McGinty, the wanna-be senator from Pennsylvania. Elitist opportunistic fractivist money-bag Tom Steyer, the founder of NextGen Climate, is a host.

More on what Tom Steyer, the coal guy now looking to cash in on the renewables scam, is up to may be found in this Washington Times article, but it misses something. A reader might think Steyer had won big-time in getting the DNC to drop its “all-of-the-above” energy position. The reality is that his, McKibben’s and others’ attempt to insert a no-fracking position into the platform failed. This heavily critical article from a radical website tells that particular story (emphasis added):

“Former U.S. Representative Howard Berman, American Federation of State, County, and Muncipal Employees executive assistant to the president, Paul Booth, former White House Energy and Climate Change Policy director Carol Browner, Ohio State Representative Alicia Reece, former State Department official Wendy Sherman, and Center for American Progress President Neera Tanden all raised their hands to prevent a moratorium from becoming a part of the platform,” noted Shadowproof’s Kevin Gosztola.

As our reader noted, Ted Strickland is so out of touch, he apparently didn’t realize Cincinnati Rep. Alicia Reece (D) from the 33rd district of Ohio was one of the main opponents to a ban on fracking. This is particularly important given her position statewide as President of the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus. She voted no and for jobs as Bill McKibben, the Rockefeller pool boy, pleaded his case to no avail. Ohio, one of the “key swing states” revived with the help of the Utica Shale made sure a fracking ban stayed out of the DNC platform. Reece was also quoted as saying she would “I think that one thing that we can guarantee is that the state of Ohio, our voices, I’m going to present them.” Ms. Reece certainly did that and deserves praise for opposing the nuttiness of Bill McKibben’s agenda…unlike Ted Strickland, their wanna-be Senator.

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3 thoughts on “Anti-Fracking Spectacle Held on Eve of DNC Convention

  1. http://www.ecowatch.com/10000-march-in-philly-calling-for-a-clean-energy-revolution-1943067458.html

    A better picture if you asked me to have used would have been the one on the NYtimes front page cover or the one in this Ecowatch piece written by Sandra Steingraber. The one with the label “InFRACKstructure art display at the post-march rally on Independence Mall, Sandra Steingraber”. Only the label should include the group that made the artwork. Their name is Sane Energy Project.

    I would recommend that people read the Ecowatch article by Steingraber as it is her own interpretation of what her movement is. This is enlightening.

  2. https://twitter.com/democracynow/status/757273414394609665

    There are also some pictures and in the pictures are signs at the link above. It is a tweet by Democracy Now. The ban fracking march was probably also a pro bernie march/ anti nuclear march, anti tpp and anti fracking and natural gas. Maybe even anti war. The only thing the marchers perhaps agree they like are renewables.

    The picture of the antifrackstructure ban fracking folks is the most interesting one to me though in that tweet. But perhaps that is because I see groups I know can not be believed represented.

  3. Same,o, same,o! These phony pseudo environmentalists are all living in hi-rise city apartments, driving gas guzzling SUV’s, and frankly they couldn’t give a damn about the real environment. They just love that good clean city air, no matter how much it affects their reasoning.

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