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Andrew Cuomo: New York’s Gutless Governor

Constitution Pipeline - Dick DowneyRichard Downey
Unatego Area Landowners Association


The cynical politics of Andrew Cuomo involve assuming power for the purpose of evading responsibility and patronizing big green radicals.

Progress on the $700 million Constitution Pipeline teeters on the mating habits of the Northern long-eared bat and the political machinations of Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Bats get busy in April and tree cutting along pipeline right-of-way is curtailed until November. No construction starts until trees are cut and removed. Knowing this, the Governor has held up the water permits for construction in wetlands and under streams. He, like the bats, await April. This inaction on his part is pure politics.

Andrew Cuomo bats-gallery-150417-2-890x395_c

Bats aren’t the only thing upside down in New York. Remember that this National Bat Appreciation Day on April 17!

Williams, the pipeline company, wants to start because they have customers waiting. To move things along and, perhaps, to force the issue, the company asked FERC for permission to cut trees NOT situated in the wetlands nor near streams. Attorney General Schniederman has petitioned FERC to deny Williams permission.

DEC/FERC/Cuomo/Schniederman/Williams/bats? Complicated? Lots of moving parts?

Let’s boil it down real simple; Andrew Cuomo is now an integral part of his “no-gas-anywhere” base. He sits on the permits for political to placate this base. He will let the clock run out. The bats will mate. The issue may go to court. The Feds will have to take the permitting authority away from the State.

In this scenario Cuomo comes out a winner, saying, “I did my best,” thus satisfying the “no-gas-anywhere” crowd and their/his renewable energy funders. The pipeline gets delayed for a year(s).

The losers? The people and businesses in Upstate New York. They lose the distribution lines delivering natural gas to heat their homes at a 30% discount to propane. The counties, towns, and school districts lose the extra tax revenue. The current and potential businesses lose cheap energy. The entire State loses when, once again, it is obvious New York is not “open for business” but, rather, plays regulatory games to satisfy favorites (pick winners) and make losers out of Upstate residents.

Andrew Cuomo moving-van-720

Leaving Upstate New York?

And, Upstate New York continues to lose its people and their hopes for a future.. The Empire State is emptying out; people renting U-Hauls, pounding the “For Sale” on the front lawn, and taking off to Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina…anywhere but New York.

Way to go, Governor. Billions for solar subsidies; nothing, not even a routine permit approval, for natural gas.

Richard Downey is a retired New York City schoolteacher and a member of the Unatego Board of Education and the Joint Landowners Coalition of New York.

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5 thoughts on “Andrew Cuomo: New York’s Gutless Governor

  1. Little of what Downey says is actually true. (1) Constitution Pipeline natural gas is NOT intended for sale in New York state. CP plans no distribution lines along its route; (2) No “big green radicals” (I suppose this means the Sierra Club, etc) have been closely involved in opposition to the CP; opposition has come from local people along the route; (3) The Environmental Impact Statement for CP says the project will produce SIX permanent jobs along the route; (4) New York State has authority to DENY as well as give a water quality certificate; if it’s only role is to GIVE a certificate, then the permitting process would be a farce and nothing more; (5) CP has paid risible prices for the right-of-ways it has forced landowners to sell it; it offered us $20 a linear foot while it gave $1000 a linear foot to a neighbor when it did not have the power of eminent domain. Downey would be more believable if he didn’t simply write propaganda for CP.

    • Of course there are plans for local distribution. The Governor even funded one, which we wrote about earlier. Where are you getting your information?

  2. the gov continues to repress any activity related to natural gas the williams/constitutional pipeline is once again in hold mode please whatever you can do to progress the flow of gas thru the state this progress will result in lower taxes, and more jobs to say the least

  3. Having natural gas in Sidney is a benefit for everyone. Our factories will save, our residents will save and our town will save. Even if you rent, you could save. Jobs, even if just temporary, would benefit the people, the town and the state.

  4. Samuel how many factories are there in Sidney?
    Do you think it is right to help cheet your neighbors out of their property so you can save a few bucks?
    Nothin I enjoy more than killin huge trees,just as long as I dont have to steal them! They shake the ground when they land ya know, a real rush!
    And Cabot, why arent you good ole boys sending that gas east to your market instead of north-east to the Henry hub? Are you afraid of the big bad riverkeeper creepers? Grow a pair!
    How much Texas and Ohio gas will you be pushing through that monster?

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