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350.org or 350.Idiocy? 350 Philadelphia Loses It!

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350 Philadelphia went apoplectic yesterday over a SEPTA decision to develop natural gas power that will lower greenhouse gas emissions. It’s 350.idiocy.

350.org is, as we’ve noted here many a time, a Rockefeller front group with the supposed objective of reducing carbon emissions. The underlying real goal, of course, is to frustrate any development that interferes with the family’s own special interests. Their leader, Bill McKibben, who should have been cast as “Norman” in some creep thriller movie, loves a little violence and mayhem and happily encourages it among his sycophants.

Such mayhem was on display in Philadelphia yesterday as four dozen members of 350 Philadelphia mobbed a meeting of the Southeast Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA). It was all about SEPTA’s plan to build a small natural gas power plant to ensure the trains could run on time and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 15% or more in the process. The fact 350 Philadelphia opposed such a plan exposes the entire 350.org scam.

350 Philadelphia is a 350.org chapter and displays this graphic prominently on its website:

350 Philadelphia 350ppm-chart-300_fixed

Looks like they want to reduce CO2 emissions, doesn’t it? Except they obviously don’t. This is what SEPTA says in its 2014 Septainability report (emphasis added):

A subset of SEPTA’s Energy Action Plan is an effort to convert existing energy consumption to lower-emission sources. Key among them is a proposed combined heat and power (CHP) plant designed to provide power to nearly one-half of SEPTA’s Regional Rail network. The CHP plant will utilize an estimated 500,000 mmBtu of low-cost natural gas to offset current demand for grid-based electricity, and in so doing reduce SEPTA’s GHG emissions from purchased propulsion power by approximately 15 percent. The CHP plant will be complemented by other cost-effective initiatives to convert back shops and facilities from heating oil to natural gas.

That Energy Action Plan further explains:

Combined, implementing these initiatives will save 54,388,629 kWh of electricity per year by 2015, and shift 67,214,955 kWh of electricity load from the grid to natural gas, for a total impact of 121,603,584 kWh per year, a 24.2 percent reduction from electricity usage in baseline year 2009. Based on 2011 electricity prices, efficiency initiatives will save $4,903,639 in annual electricity costs, a portion of which will be used to finance the cost of capital projects through ESCO agreements. Additional potential savings could accrue from alternative energy initiatives to shift electric load from the grid to natural gas. As a whole, these initiatives will save 129,467,635 pounds of CO2‐equivalents, partially offset by the commensurate increase in natural gas‐related emissions [57,445,798 pounds, for a net reduction of roughly 72 million pounds of CO-2].

Yet, all 350 Philadelphia could do was to assemble a gang of thugs to try to shout down the opposition and shut down the vote with screams of “No, No.” How can that be? Well, the answer is two-fold. First, no fractivist wants solutions near as much as they desire the problem; it is their reason for being after all. Secondly, 350.org is not really about CO2 emissions or it would be celebrating the historic and completely unexpected major reductions in CO2 that we’ve achieved by following the SEPTA model of switching to natural gas. The evidence is everywhere, yet 350.org still wants to kill natural gas, demonstrating it was never ever about CO2.

We have evidence of that, too. The offices of 350.org are located at 20 Jay Street in Brooklyn (Google Earth picture below), an unappealing warehouse, office and retail building in the DUMBO section of the Borough.  It used to be heated with oil and now they heat it with gas. It was, no doubt, converted to meet New York City Clean air standards by switching from oil to gas, a move estimated to have saved hundreds of lives due to asthma-related deaths.

350 Philadelphia screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-9-37-11-am

If you go to Google Earth and look down on the building you won’t see any solar panels, either. Such is the consistency of 350.org.

350 Philadelphia apparently has no offices but its principal spokesperson for this most recent shout down – shut down effort seems to be Peter Winslow, a board member of the Pennsylvania Interfaith Power and Light organization. They are located in State College and claim to have a special relationship with Penn State. Some of our PSU readers might want to check out that claim, but they list their office address as the State College Municipal Building (243 S. Allen Street), another building with no solar panels. I don’t know if it’s heated with natural gas but Penn State University is and its recent switch from coal to gas had this effect:

The switch to natural gas will reduce the carbon emissions by 100,000 tons, Moser said, and eliminate the traffic caused by 3,000 trucks — about 15 to 20 daily — transporting coal to the plant per year.

It doesn’t seem Peter Winslow cares a lot about CO2 either, does it? That’s 350 Philadelphia for you, one act of hypocrisy piled upon another. How hard it is to do the proper thing when confronted with such idiocy. Call them 350.idiocy, in fact.


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3 thoughts on “350.org or 350.Idiocy? 350 Philadelphia Loses It!

  1. 350.org has some serious problems all around as an organization. From top to bottom. Doesnt matter whether it is it’s board , leaders like may boeve or individual chapters. And this is not the only environmental organization currently operating with poor leadership and with zero accountability as far as I can see.

    The environmental world is not self policing and it currently appears to hold itself to no ethical standards. Where is the press? Well it appears to be at times completely unaware that it ought to be taking a good look at what is actually happening within the environmental scene instead of largely acting as a conduit for tons of misinfomation put out by groups to reach the public.

    The environment, energy, economy and the issue of climate change are too important to the nation and its citizens for this to continue. It has been unfortunately a growing societal problem for years now that it appears many would like to ignore.

  2. In NZ the 350 Aotearo movement is the arm of this international climate brigade 350 org movement, they graduate from a host of oil free movements, protesting Deep Sea OIL Exploration, a whole host of press releases funnelled out of this organization mostly all made up with the fundamental theme being Fossil Fuel diversification, no one takes much notice, except the gullible press, and as Karen alluded absolutey hopeless leadership ,having been in debate with this lot, intellectual capacity is not their virtue

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