New Brunswick Fractivist Jim Emberger Called Out

Jim Emberger - Resource Wise New Brunswick ReportsLynn Farmakoulas
Spokesperson/Communications Director
Resource Wise New Brunswick

New Brunswick’s Jim Emberger recent correspondence with a local natural gas supporter demonstrates the closed-minded attitude of so many fractivists. 

The correspondence came about when a friend and natural gas supporter frustrated with the activities of American transplant, Jim Emberger, to stop natural gas development in New Brunswick wrote to thank him “making it [his] missions to ensure that New Brunswick does not reach it’s potential, that our economy does not grow, and that we remain a poor, ‘have not’ province with little hope on the economic horizon.”

My friend noted, too, that “families are being torn apart for months at a time as mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, head to Alberta, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland to work, some trying desperately to keep their homes here, many giving up and leaving never to return here. She pointed out there were “174,000 wells hydraulically fractured in Alberta with zero contamination to wells or ground water.”

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Southwestern Energy Marks Five Years in Marcellus Shale

Southwestern Energy - Tom Shepstone reportsTom Shepstone
Natural Gas NOW

Southwestern Energy Company is a major player in the Marcellus Shale and, yesterday, marked five years of very productive and successful activity in the region.

Southwestern Energy Company President and CEO Steve Mueller joined employees of the company yesterday in Tunkhannock to celebrate the company’s first five years of production in the Marcellus Shale play; five years that have been extraordinarily productive and successful. More importantly, because the company has acquired major additional acreage in the Marcellus Shale region, this foundation provides a superb stepping off point for further growth in the future. Southwestern Energy has already produced approximately 348 billion cubic feet (Bcf) of natural gas from the play with drilling focused mostly in the Northern Tier area of Pennsylvania, where much of the added acreage also lies. The company anticipates reaching 1 Bcf per day by the end of 2014.

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Recycling Water Is Recycled News Inside the Gas Industry

Recycling - Doug Berkley REportsDouglas Berkley
Business Dev. Rep. – Transportation & Oil Field Services Company
Publisher: Tri-State Shale Traveler

Recycling water is now standard practice with many natural gas companies, although some members of the press are just catching up with it.

The recent AP piece on regional drillers and their declining use of water for drilling/fracking processes really comes as no surprise to those of us in the industry.  In fact, my first thought after reading it was “tell me something I don’t know.”  I am glad to see this word finally getting out, however, because this another area where we as an industry could do a better job explaining how much water we really use when compared to other practices out there. We should be talking more about, too, about the increasing number of companies recycling water for reuse.

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Susquehanna County: From Bottom to Top in 5 Years

Susquehanna County - Tom Shepstone reportsTom Shepstone
Natural Gas NOW

New wage data from Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania confirms the economic power of the shale region to restore rural America.

Remember when fractivists were parading around art economist Janette Barth’s studies as evidence natural gas development wouldn’t do much of anything for places such as Broome County, New York? I remember because she quoted a plan developed me as part of her case, completely misrepresenting what I had stated.

That was in 2010-11 and now we have the benefit of additional hindsight and Barth is looking pretty pathetic as a prognosticator as Susquehanna County has far outpaced Broome County in wage growth and moved past in fact in average weekly wages, something we might have all thought impossible for a rural county that was going nowhere a short five years ago.

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Eagle Ford Shale Play Yields Tremendous Economic Gains

Eagle Ford Shale - Tom Shepstone reportsTom Shepstone
Natural Gas NOW

A new study by the University of Texas on the Economic impact of the Eagle Ford Shale illustrates the power of the shale revolution to improve lives.

A just released report from the Center for Community and Business Research at the University of Texas at San Antonio’s Institute for Economic Development indicates the Eagle Ford Shale is delivering huge economic benefits to the 20+ counties directly and indirectly involved with shale gas production there, demonstrating just how much the industry can do for an economy. Better yet, it’s sustainable economic development by any measure. It’s a must read for who wonder how much difference shale gas development means for rural America.

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Those Who Reject Energy Tradeoffs Aren’t Serious

Energy Tradeoffs - Tom Shepstone reportsTom Shepstone
Natural Gas NOW

A new book by Naomi Klein reveals the failure of fractivists and other environmental special interests to even think about energy tradeoffs.

We spend a fair amount of time on this blog talking about renewables. Some would say we’re anti-renewables, but that is not the case. Rather, we want everyone to recognize them for what they are; a particular energy choice that involves its own set of energy tradeoffs, as does natural gas or any other energy source. I have worked on wind energy projects as an advocate, in fact, and have represented communities in approving wind energy projects. I have stood before large crowds opposed to wind power projects in their backyard and defended them against the NIMBY onslaughts. I have also helped communities develop language that ensures the rights of homeowners to develop solar, wind and geothermal facilities as accessory uses.

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Penn College Spurs A Pennsylvania Renaissance – Part II

Penn College - Tom Shepstone reportsTom Shepstone
Natural Gas NOW

This is Part II of our story on the Pennsylvania Renaissance being helped along by Penn College, a marvelous model for education in today’s world.

Back in May, I received a tour of Penn College, courtesy of Senator Gene Yaw, who chairs the board there, and some of the staff. It was an inspiring visit that did a lot to restore my own faith in the long-term future of America’s economy. I wrote about it here. This is Part II of the story, where we look more closely at what this great program offers to Pennsylvanians and how it is building on the shale revolution to create meaningful and personally rewarding employment opportunities for the region it serves.

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America’s Beer to be Delivered by CNG

CNG BuschKelsie Augustin
External Affairs Intern, Cabot Oil & Gas

Fleet conversions to CNG are accelerating throughout the country, leading to cleaner air, one of the latest to convert being Anheuser-Busch Inbev, but they’re keeping the Clydesdales.

This month, Anheuser-Busch Inbev, America’s largest brewer and maker of Budweiser, Bud Light and Busch beers, announced that they are converting 66 tractors over from diesel fuel to being powered with compressed natural gas (CNG) in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint and their environmental impact. This major decision is another in a growing list of large companies who are converting parts of their business to be run by natural gas.

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Shale Insight Conference A Great Success

Shale Insight - Jim Willis reportsJim Willis
Editor & Publisher, Marcellus Drilling News (MDN)


MDN Editor Jim Willis once again was privileged to attend Shale Insight –THE industry event for the shale industry in the northeast.

This year was the first time the Marcellus Shale Coalition’s Shale Insight conference was held in Pittsburgh. For the first three years of its existence Shale Insight has been held in Philadelphia. Starting this year, the event will rotate between Pittsburgh and Philly every other year.

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The Rockefellers: Phony Divestocrats

Rockefellers -  Tom Shepstone Reports Tom Shepstone
Shepstone Management Company, Inc.


The Rockefellers say they’re divesting themselves from fossil fuels but their “decision” is a part of a long-running phony PR campaign.

There has been much hoopla, even in the oil and gas world, about the Rockefellers divesting themselves from fossil fuels, as if they had made some sort surprising recent decision of great import. The truth is this; they didn’t join the divestment movement. Rather, they created it and have funded every part of it from the very beginning. Moreover, their decision, such as it is, of so little real world consequence as to be laughable, as is the case with the actions of their friends among other elitist foundations.

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