Tax the Frackers? Sorry, We’re Already Doing That!

frackersRepresentative Stephen Bloom
Pennsylvania House of Representatives, 199th District

The severance tax proposed by Gov. Tom Wolf is a very bad idea, says Rep. Stephen Bloom and ignores the reality that we’re already “taxing the frackers.”

Over the past six years, communities throughout our Commonwealth have been reenergized. Once desolate main streets now gush with commerce. Struggling small businesses— the family-owned corner store and the auto repair shop just off the square —thrive again, and new enterprises keep bubbling up. An economic miracle has put families back to work and pumped jobs and hope to residents who hadn’t tasted the opportunity for prosperity in generations.

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A Major Defeat for PennFuture and the Empire, Unless…

PennFuture - Tom ShepstoneTom Shepstone
Natural Gas NOW


PennFuture and the wealthy empire it represents just lost a Federal case with major implications for pipeline companies and Marcellus Shale development.

We did an expose the other day here on PennFuture, a phony advocacy group financed by Pennsylvania’s aristocracy (the Heinz Endowments and the William Penn Foundation, among others) that, unless the State Senate intervenes, is poised to assume major control over Pennsylvania government and its entire environmental program. If the Senate doesn’t squash this attempt at creating a PennFuture Administration, we can expect nothing but Heinz Ketchup for our daily economic bread the next four years.

We do have something else, though, and that’s the law, as a stunning defeat for the empire revealed this week.

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The Death of New York Fracking Exaggerated

PennEast - Jim Willis reportsJim Willis
Editor & Publisher, Marcellus Drilling News (MDN)

Playing offense is always best and the Town of Windsor is doing just that, proving the death of New York fracking is greatly exaggerated for those with vision.

A common misconception for those who live in New York–especially dunderheaded anti-drillers–is that “Cuomo banned all fracking” in the Empire State. Sorry, fracking has been going on in this state for more than 40 years–and continues to this very day.

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More on the Chicken Little Cult Destroying Upstate New York

fracked gas- Bryant LaTouretteBryant La Tourette
Chenango County, New York Businessman and Landowner

The chicken little cult played into the hands of big money special interests on both sides of the fracking wars, destroying Upstate New York as it went.

A couple of days ago, I offered up my view on the chicken little gang who managed to exploit Pennsylvania’s lack of water well regulations as a way to impose their ideology on the rest of us. It was a deceitful campaign and was all but dropped the minute they got what they wanted. Yes, once Cuomo “saved New York from fracking” a strange thing has happened. Reports of fracking pollution dropped from the headlines – problem solved. Just the swoop of a pen. Not even superheroes could have accomplished this, but Cuomo did. I guess we have underestimated the power of corruption?

Anyway, they’re now onto new angles, with the same overarching goal of taking over Upstate New York and emptying it of any indigenous people who might need to make a living here.  They are a chicken little cult, in fact, willing to take one for the team to help their funders find cheap land in Upstate New York. They ensure it doesn’t get developed and in come the Rockefellers and their friends, powered by state money, to buy it at distressed sale prices for resale to the state at inflated prices so they have the money to rinse and repeat – a nice little scam intended to turn Upstate New York into a preserve for their enjoyment.

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The New Jersey Natural Gas Disconnect

PennFuture - Tom ShepstoneTom Shepstone
Natural Gas NOW


There seems to be a New Jersey natural gas disconnect. No one benefits more from Pennsylvania natural gas but you wouldn’t know it by the special interest opposition.

The New Jersey hearings on the PennEast Pipeline have aptly demonstrated what our friend Jim Willis calls the “lunatic antics of anti-drillers.” His post covering last night’s hearing in Ewing, New Jersey provides a good overview of the theatrics, as does this PennLive article from which he quoted. What really captured us, though, was the total disconnect with reality exhibited by the New Jersey natural gas users who came out to oppose natural gas infrastructure made necessary by their usage.

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The PennFuture Insurgency; The Empire at Work

PennFuture - Tom ShepstoneTom Shepstone
Natural Gas NOW


PennFuture has wormed its way into the heart of Pennsylvania government. It’s the voice of Pennsylvania’s aristocracy – the biggest of special interests.

No further proof is needed of the undue influence of big money on fracking politics than the PennFuture insurgency. PennFuture is the trade name for Citizens for Pennsylvania’s Future, an off-shoot of the National Wildlife Federation these days. It is a phony grass roots organization financed by Pennsylvania’s super wealthy and other aristocrats. It’s one of the many faces of the Heinz Endowments, the William Penn Foundation, and the Energy Foundation; major fractivist funders all, and it has assumed significant control of Pennsylvania government.

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Taking Shale Gas to School at SCCTC

shale gas news - desRosiers_headshotBill desRosiers
External Affairs Coordinator, Cabot Oil & Gas

The Susquehanna County Career & Technical Center (SCCTC) took shale gas to school this week, literally demonstrating the sustainability of a shale gas economy.

On February 22, 2015, Elk Lake School District and the Susquehanna County Career & Technical Center (SCCTC) officially turned on four brand new natural gas boilers. These high efficient boilers will replace 7 really old, antiquated oil boilers. The output from these four boilers is enough to heat the entire complex which includes kindergarten through 12th grade and the SCCTC. The conversion to natural gas boilers is the conclusion of a $5.4 million energy efficiency project.

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Vera Scroggins: In Contempt of Everything and Everyone

PennFuture - Tom ShepstoneTom Shepstone
Natural Gas NOW


Vera Scroggins was, once again, found in contempt of court in Susquehanna County, but the hearing demonstrated her contempt for everything and everyone.

Vera Scroggins is old news, of course, but as long as she continues to be the favorite fractivist tour guide of New York legislators and foreign reporters, we are obligated to cover her antics, which, on the tiresome scale, now rise to something on the order of CNN’s coverage of the Malaysian airplane disappearance. We’re well into “enough, already” territory.

Yet, there she was in Susquehanna County Court today for once again violating the injunction against her trespassing and demonstrating her utter contempt not only for the court, but also the community, the law, the truth and pretty much everything and everyone. It was a perfect demonstration of fractivism at work as she put on a show for the handful of supporters and media in the room, but the judge wasn’t buying.

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Answers to Your Energy Questions and Some You Didn’t Ask

Patrick Leary - Energy QuestionsPatrick Leary
New Hampshire Engineer (BSEE) and System Engineer

Patrick Leary tends to ask a lot of energy questions. But, all too often, nobody answers them, leaving him to do so himself, with some unconventional wisdom.

My experience with radical environmentalists (and many theoretically not-so-radical environmentalists) suggests there are some fundamental laws and corollaries that apply:

The First Law of Environmentalists: No matter how well we are doing, we are not doing enough.

Corollary 1: Unless humans do absolutely nothing to change the environment – then humans are bad.

The Second Law of Environmentalists: The goal of the environmental movement to stop the creation of babies.

Corollary 2: Since humans are bad – we need to stop all production of humans.

The Third Law of Environmentalists: The end justifies the means, any means.

Corollary 3: Any means includes lying, cheating, stealing, publicity, lawsuits, etc…
Corollary 4: Eco-terrorism is on the table. Simple example: spiking trees.
Corollary 5: “The sky is always falling”

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The Fractivist Ego Needs Constant Attention

PennEast - Jim Willis reportsJim Willis
Editor & Publisher, Marcellus Drilling News (MDN)

There is nothing so huge, so in need of constant massaging, as the fractivist ego. Or, could it be it’s all simply about fund-raising and selling books?

New York’s anti-drillers are still not happy – even after winning a ban by pressuring a spineless governor. They continue to rally and agitate and spread lies and threats and tell scary stories of environmental boogeymen…”that pipeline’ll kill ya”…”the fracked gas comin’ out the stove has radon in it”…”the compressor station three miles from your house that you didn’t even know existed is poisonin’ Mother Earth.”

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