Climate Crisis Jihadists Exhibit Same Tactics as Fractivists

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 6.25.47 AMPaul Driessen
Senior Policy Analyst – Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow
Author of Eco-Imperialism: Green Power – Black Death

The climate crisis industry uses exactly the same tactic as its fractivist sister – attacking any challenger on the basis of its own conflicts of interest.

ISIL and other Islamist jihad movements continue to round up and silence all who oppose them or refuse to convert to their extreme religious tenets. They are inspiring thousands to join them. Their intolerance, vicious tactics and growing power seem to have inspired others, as well.

After years of claiming the science is settled and unprecedented manmade catastrophes are occurring right now, Climate Crisis, Inc. is increasingly desperate. Polls put climate change at the bottom of every list of public concerns. China and India refuse to cut energy production or emissions. Real-world weather and climate totally contradict their dire models and forecasts. Expensive, subsidized, environmentally harmful renewable energy makes little sense in world freshly awash in cheap, accessible oil, gas and coal.

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Common Sense and Good News Prevail on Zoning (and Shale Gas)

fracking - MarkindDaniel B. Markind, Esq.
Weir and Partners, LLP

Common sense seems to prevail in most places outside of New York as Ohio supports preemption of oil and gas zoning and the world moves ahead with shale gas.

Two weeks ago, the Ohio Supreme Court issued its decision in the case of The City of Munroe Falls v. Beck Energy Corporation. Like the Dryden case in New York and the Robinson case in Pennsylvania, the Munroe Falls case was about whether a State’s oil and gas law preempted a local municipality when the municipality tried to enact its own regulatory scheme regarding hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling within its boundaries.

The Munroe Falls case originally was filed in Summit County, Ohio in 2011, This case involved a permit granted in 2011 to Beck Energy from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) allowing Beck to drill on private property in Munroe Falls. The City issued a stop-work order and filed a lawsuit, saying that Beck’s actions did not comply with city ordinances. Among the local requirements were that Beck obtain a city drilling permit; pay an application fee; get a zoning certificate; get right-of-way construction permits; and post a performance bond.

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A Special Tax on Shale Gas Success Will Mean Less of It

special TaxCharlie Gerow
CEO of Quantum Communications, Harrisburg, PA

Tax something and you get less of it: Tom Wolf’s attempt to impose a special tax on the shale industry and Pennsylvania’s success will yield less of both.

It’s correctly been called “a goldmine beneath our feet.”

The vast natural gas formations in both the Marcellus and Utica Shales are a source of unparalleled economic opportunity and a better quality of life for every Pennsylvanian for generations.

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Had Enough with New York? Secede and Join Us!

Marcellus-Utica ShaleJim Scherrer
Scherrer Resources, Inc., Exton, Pa

Jim Scherrer speaks for most Pennsylvanians when he says welcome to New York State Southern Tier residents frustrated with that state’s inaction on fracking.

Residents of Conklin, New York have expressed an interest to join Pennsylvania, and, speaking for other citizens of the Commonwealth let me be the first to say Pennsylvania welcomes them with open arms!

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Dear Mr. Tambini; You Need to Lead

Tambini - Tom ShepstoneTom Shepstone
Natural Gas NOW


The following is an open letter I have sent to Steve Tambini, the new Executive Director of the DRBC, which is sitting on 3+ year old gas drilling regulations.

Dear Mr. Tambini;

We’ve not met but, after allowing a respectful period for you to get your feet on the ground as the new Executive Director of the Delaware River Basin Commission, I write to ask you now demonstrate the sort of leadership required for this agency to regain its footing. The last many years have been nothing short of disastrous as the agency turned ideological, drifted into rampant incompetency and compromised itself to such a degree it can no longer be trusted. Respect will not be regained by waiting on your ever-shifting political leadership to act on their own. It must come from you. There’s no one else.

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Shale Gas News – February 28, 2015

shale gas news - desRosiers_headshotBill desRosiers
External Affairs Coordinator, Cabot Oil & Gas

The Shale Gas News, heard every Saturday at 10 AM on 94.3 FM “The Talker,” talked about home rule, pipelines, PennFuture, John Quigley and much more this week.

Every Saturday, Kevin Lynn of Linde Corporation and I co-host a morning radio show to discuss all things natural gas.

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Tax the Frackers? Sorry, We’re Already Doing That!

frackersRepresentative Stephen Bloom
Pennsylvania House of Representatives, 199th District

The severance tax proposed by Gov. Tom Wolf is a very bad idea, says Rep. Stephen Bloom and ignores the reality that we’re already “taxing the frackers.”

Over the past six years, communities throughout our Commonwealth have been reenergized. Once desolate main streets now gush with commerce. Struggling small businesses— the family-owned corner store and the auto repair shop just off the square —thrive again, and new enterprises keep bubbling up. An economic miracle has put families back to work and pumped jobs and hope to residents who hadn’t tasted the opportunity for prosperity in generations.

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A Major Defeat for PennFuture and the Empire, Unless…

PennFuture - Tom ShepstoneTom Shepstone
Natural Gas NOW


PennFuture and the wealthy empire it represents just lost a Federal case with major implications for pipeline companies and Marcellus Shale development.

We did an expose the other day here on PennFuture, a phony advocacy group financed by Pennsylvania’s aristocracy (the Heinz Endowments and the William Penn Foundation, among others) that, unless the State Senate intervenes, is poised to assume major control over Pennsylvania government and its entire environmental program. If the Senate doesn’t squash this attempt at creating a PennFuture Administration, we can expect nothing but Heinz Ketchup for our daily economic bread the next four years.

We do have something else, though, and that’s the law, as a stunning defeat for the empire revealed this week.

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The Death of New York Fracking Exaggerated

PennEast - Jim Willis reportsJim Willis
Editor & Publisher, Marcellus Drilling News (MDN)

Playing offense is always best and the Town of Windsor is doing just that, proving the death of New York fracking is greatly exaggerated for those with vision.

A common misconception for those who live in New York–especially dunderheaded anti-drillers–is that “Cuomo banned all fracking” in the Empire State. Sorry, fracking has been going on in this state for more than 40 years–and continues to this very day.

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More on the Chicken Little Cult Destroying Upstate New York

fracked gas- Bryant LaTouretteBryant La Tourette
Chenango County, New York Businessman and Landowner

The chicken little cult played into the hands of big money special interests on both sides of the fracking wars, destroying Upstate New York as it went.

A couple of days ago, I offered up my view on the chicken little gang who managed to exploit Pennsylvania’s lack of water well regulations as a way to impose their ideology on the rest of us. It was a deceitful campaign and was all but dropped the minute they got what they wanted. Yes, once Cuomo “saved New York from fracking” a strange thing has happened. Reports of fracking pollution dropped from the headlines – problem solved. Just the swoop of a pen. Not even superheroes could have accomplished this, but Cuomo did. I guess we have underestimated the power of corruption?

Anyway, they’re now onto new angles, with the same overarching goal of taking over Upstate New York and emptying it of any indigenous people who might need to make a living here.  They are a chicken little cult, in fact, willing to take one for the team to help their funders find cheap land in Upstate New York. They ensure it doesn’t get developed and in come the Rockefellers and their friends, powered by state money, to buy it at distressed sale prices for resale to the state at inflated prices so they have the money to rinse and repeat – a nice little scam intended to turn Upstate New York into a preserve for their enjoyment.

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