Fossil Fuels or Pixie Dust?

Fossil Fuels - Don RoesslerDonald Roessler
Washington County, Pa. Landowner and Gas Lease Holder


We hear a lot from our anti friends about the need to stop the use of fossil fuels NOW and rely instead upon “non polluting renewable” energy sources. But, there are two major flaws to their argument.

First, there is the pollution, in China, caused by mining the rare earth minerals these so called clean energy sources need, as my friend Douglas Berkley points out, in this article, on his Tri-State Shale Traveler website. The title of the article says a lot. “Greens & Anti-Frackers…Do You Support Poisoning People?” Yes, it is true that people in China are being poisoned and land and water is being polluted by this rare earth minerals mining on a massive scale.

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Time to Zero Out the DRBC and Demand A Refund

Frack Free Denton - Tom Shepstone ReportsTom Shepstone
Natural Gas NOW

Pennsylvania’s decision to cut DRBC funding in half this coming year is sweet justice for Upper Delaware landowners deprived of economic salvation due to its incompetence and political corruption.

The Scranton Times reports the new Pennsylvania State Budget cuts Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) funding from the Commonwealth by 50% meaning the agency will receive $434,000 in fiscal 2014-2015, compared to $934,000 previously.  That’s still $434,000 too much given the record of this incompetent agency under Carol Collier’s leadership and its failure in almost three years now to simply vote on already prepared regulations of natural gas development. It is outrageous, in fact, that Pennsylvania has given the DRBC so much as a dime since September, 2011, when the vote was tabled.

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The Roads to Natural Gas Development Are In Good Shape

roads - natural gasDouglas Berkley
Publisher: Tri-State Shale Traveler

Road use maintenance agreements are making allies of municipalities and natural gas companies doing business within their borders.

I recently read an article regarding gas industry traffic and the impacts on roads they use and thought I’d add a few comments of my own.  This is something I have been able to witness and see up close, as well as being involved in county meetings where road issues come up and are addressed.  The article does a great job describing what I’ve personally seen in Ohio in particular.

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LNG Protestors Harming the Earth They’re Trying to Save

LNG - Nick GrealyNick Grealy
Administrator of NaturalGas2.0NoHotAir and ShaleGasInfo Blogs


Protestors against LNG exports demonstrate an incredible shallowness of thinking. They’re harming the very Earth they claim to want to save.

Nothing highlights how quickly shale disrupted the gas business than the question of LNG. In 2004 there were a half dozen terminals that imported LNG. By 2010 Cheniere LNG started the current trend of converting them to export, and they are on track to be exporting from the Gulf of Mexico in less than two years. At the same time every import terminal but one is planning to export, and there are enough other projects to make the US the largest gas exporter in the world, dwarfing Qatar and Australia combined. Not all of those will come to pass, but enough will, to change international gas price dynamics.

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Natural Gas Zoning Issues Have Big Implications

Zoning - MarkindDaniel B. Markind, Esq.
Weir and Partners, LLP


Zoning issues connected with natural gas development have implications for a whole range of other issues and the dust still isn’t quite settled.

Many of the unanswered legal questions stemming from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision last year in the Robinson Township case dealing with Act 13 were addressed this week in Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth Court.  The Court ruled on four disputed sections of Act 13, agreeing with municipalities that municipal zoning ordinances cannot be subject to review by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission and subsequently to revocation of impact fee monies by the PUC.

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Is Frack Free Denton for Real or Just Sophistry?

Frack Free Denton - Tom Shepstone ReportsTom Shepstone
Natural Gas NOW

The possibility the City of Denton, Texas might ban fracking has gotten lots of press lately from fractivist groups and their media enablers, but there’s more to the story on Frack Free Denton.

Like many who are involved in the fracking debate, I have followed the Denton matter from afar. I was pleased and unsurprised to see their city council reject the ban but there will, nonetheless, be a referendum vote this November, so we’ll be hearing a lot more about it over the next few months. Therefore, I decided to investigate Frack Free Denton a little further to learn more. I found this is just one more example of anti-fracking astro-turfing by the usual suspects. Denton residents and local discontents are simply being used by the same forces always at work in the background. There’s also some “Soph”istry involved.

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100 or So Lies About Fracking – Part II

Lies About Fracking - Vic FurmanVictor Furman Upstate New York Landowner Shale Gas Activist at NYRAD-R  


The “compendium” assembled by supposed health professionals is a collection of assertions that should be called “100 or So Lies About Fracking,” and the lies aren’t limited to the document.

The first part of my last post took on the nonsense found in the just released report titled Compendium of Scientific, Medical, and Media Findings Demonstrating Risks and Harms of Fracking (Unconventioanl Gas and Oil Extraction) by the “Concerned Health Professionals of NY.” These discontents put together anything but a scientific report or even a bibliography. Rather, it’s an assemblage of allegations with nothing behind them. I addressed the major points earlier but let me now add some additional observations about their sources and point out some of the additional lies about fracking that seem to perpetually circulate among fractivists.

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Williamsport Booms While Binghamton Bombs

Williamsport - Tom Shepstone ReportsTom Shepstone
Natural Gas NOW


While Williamsport keeps hitting grand slams with natural gas, things keep getting worse for Ithaca and are nothing less than abysmal for Binghamton. 

Williamsport - Binghamton BombersA couple of years, when Williamsport was ranked as the seventh fastest growing metro economy in the US, I wrote a post on Energy In Depth called Williamsport Explorers Beat Ithaca Winers with Walk-Off Home Run. It compared the economies of Williamsport, Pennsylvania and Ithaca, New York, to note the impact of natural gas development. Well, things have changed and there is a new team to consider; the Binghamton Bombers.

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100 or So Lies About Fracking – Part I

Lies About Fracking - Vic FurmanVictor Furman
Upstate New York Landowner
Shale Gas Activist at NYRAD-R


A new study on fracking from supposed health professionals is a collection of anecdotes and assertions that should be called “100 or So Lies About Fracking”. 

There was a news conference the other day where the usual suspects, operating under one their various aliases, the Concerned Health Professionals of NY (CHPNY), attacked natural gas yet again with a new “study.” It’s anything but a study, of course. Rather, it is a lies about fracking - steingrabercollection of allegations and anecdotes; the sort of pseudoscience we’ve come to expect from this gang. Their latest report is pompously titled as a Compendium of Scientific, Medical , and Media Findings Demonstrating Risks and Harms of Fracking (Unconventioanl Gas and Oil Extraction).

It might better be called 100 or So Lies About Fracking. Sandra Steingraber (pictured doing one of her schticks), uses natural gas  to heat her home in Trumansburg, NY, and was the ringleader, which was hardly a surprise.

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Solar Subsidies Give Renewables A Bad Name

Solar Subsidies - Tom Shepstone ReportsTom Shepstone
Natural Gas NOW


Solar subsidies are enriching Wall Street fat cats, corporatist enterprises and fractivists with no shame in feeding at the public trough.

solar subsidies - Shakira

Shakira and Boots

Our piece last week about the tangled web of solar subsidies got a lot of attention from folks who think we’re opposed to solar. We’re not, as we observed in another recent post. We’re of the opinion, in fact, that solar and natural gas go together like Shakira and boots or Adam Levine and tattoos.

Nevertheless, when the efforts to force-feed renewables with subsidies to the exclusion of natural gas, which is both cheap and clean and is reviving rural economies, not to mention putting energy independence in reach, we have a problem. There’s new evidence of just that sort of problem.

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