LNG Will Lock In America’s Competitive Advantage

LNG -  Tom Shepstone Reports Tom Shepstone
Shepstone Management Company, Inc.


LNG is the key to strengthening America’s competitive advantages in a global economy and delivering both economic security and price stability.

I had the opportunity earlier this week to do an interview with Dr. Margo Thorning, a senior vice president and chief economist with the American Council for Capital Formation (ACCF). This organization promotes “strong capital formation, a balanced regulatory regime, and cost effective environmental policies” with goal of helping “assure that the United States continues its role as the world’s pre-eminent power in an increasingly global economy.” Thorning was not only a delight to interview, but also full of information. She also offered some much needed global perspective on the American shale revolution and what it means for all of us in a world where liberty and opportunity depend upon our economic leadership.

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State Impact Pennsylvania: Just Another Fractivist Outfit

state impact pennsylvania -  Tom Shepstone Reports Tom Shepstone
Shepstone Management Company, Inc.


State Impact Pennsylvania is an embarrassment to honest journalism – just another fractivist outfit doing the bidding of the usual special interest funders.

The frustration quotient within the natural gas industry with State Impact, a National Public Radio (NPR) initiative, has been high for a long time, especially within Pennsylvania. Sponsored within the Commonwealth by radio stations WITF and WHYY, State Impact Pennsylvania has never seen a fractivist storyline it didn’t embrace, with enthusiasm.

It’s blog features its 10 most recent stories and, today, all 10 deal with natural gas and/or climate change issues with one being neutral and nine largely espousing the fractivist viewpoint. It’s all about “the fiscal and environmental impact of Pennsylvania’s booming energy economy, with a focus on Marcellus Shale drilling,” it says, which means it’s all about opposing it. State Impact Pennsylvania, in fact, is just another fractivist outfit.

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Good Shale Gas News Is No News for Media Enablers

Shale Gas News - Nick Grealy ReportsNick Grealy
Administrator of NaturalGas2.0NoHotAir and ShaleGasInfo Blogs


Good shale gas news is no news for special interests who oppose it and their media enablers, says Nick Grealy.

Fracking opponents would have us believe modern hydraulic fracturing technology is unstudied, or has only done so by “frackademics.” The term refers to scientists at universities often tainted solely because they they are located in Texas or because they are geologists. Saying geologists are tainted is like saying doctors are prejudiced in a medical diagnosis and it’s best to get a second opinion from a dentist. Or, in the shale “debate” context, the opinion of a rock star, fashion designer or movie star is as valid  – or greater – than those of scientists.

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The Yale Health Study and the Missing Evidence

Yale Health Study - natural gasDouglas Berkley
Business Dev. Rep. – Transportation & Oil Field Services Company
Publisher: Tri-State Shale Traveler

The Yale health study is an equivocal piece of “could possibly, maybe, just might happen” nonsense when examined in the light of day.

The recently released Yale study saying residents living close to natural gas wells in SW PA are more likely to report respiratory illnesses and skin problems than normal could not be further from reality when looked at in objective fashion.  “Studies” like these drive an industry worker like myself crazy…it’s so far removed from what I see on a day-to-day basis that I feel the need to share the facts as I see them.

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Study: Methane Migration Not Connected to Fracking

Methane Migration - Jim Willis reportsJim Willis
Editor & Publisher, Marcellus Drilling News (MDN)


Methane migration, when man-caused, is not the fault of either horizontal drilling or hydraulic fracturing, says a new study, but correctable casing issues.

Another new “study” and already the headlines have been blaring. A research team led by Ohio State University and composed of researchers at Duke, Stanford, Dartmouth, and the University of Rochester have just published their findings that methane migrates from some shale wells into local water wells.

It certainly doesn’t sound like earth-shattering news, but the headlines across the country range from “Bad fracking wells taint water, scientists find” (Sacramento Bee) to “Weak wells not fracking caused US gas leaks into water” (BBC). The media has picked up on this latest study and, depending on the view of the reporter, has spun it to either say fracking is the culprit, or fracking isn’t the culprit – and just about everything else imaginable in between. Here’s how we see it at MDN.

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Tom Wolf to Wayne County Farmers and Landowners: “Drop Dead”

Tom Wolf - Curt Coccodrilli ReportsCurt Coccodrilli
Wayne County Landowner
NWPOA Executive Committee


Tom Wolf, candidate for Pennsylvania Governor, has told residents of the only part of the Commonwealth unable to develop their shale gas resources to drop dead – that he cares more about New Yorkers. 

Tom Wolf - Daily NewsOne of the most iconic headlines ever was one that appeared in 1977 in the New York Daily News. It  had to do with the story of then President Gerald Ford promising to veto any financial bailout of the Big Apple at the expense of other US taxpayers. The “Ford to City: Drop Dead” title of the article resonated with big-spending New Yorkers who thought much poorer areas of the country that had lived within their means should rescue them from their irresponsibility. Ford was arguably correct, but Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf is saying much the same thing to Wayne County on behalf of New York, and he couldn’t be more wrong.

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No Shale Gas Sustainability With Severance Tax

GordonTombGordon Tomb
Senior Fellow, Commonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Alternatives

A severance tax on natural gas development threatens to stall the Pennsylvania Marcellus Shale miracle and stunt local economic growth. 

Armstrong County farmer Randy Walker worries about the effect of a natural gas severance tax on his royalties and the job market.

“A tax at the wellhead taxes my share and the company’s share,” says Mr. Walker. He adds, however, that he is most concerned about local jobs that could be lost if drilling is discouraged by a severance tax.

Mr. Walker’s concerns are well founded. The natural gas industry is facing marketplace challenges that would be exacerbated by a severance tax.

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No Evidence of Fracking Fluid Migration to Aquifers

fracking fluid migration -  Tom Shepstone Reports Tom Shepstone
Shepstone Management Company, Inc.


The US Department of Energy has just released the results of a study indicating no evidence of fracking fluid migration to groundwater aquifers.

A US Department of Energy study by its National Technology Energy Laboratory was released yesterday and it’s the good news everyone familiar with the industry and its history expected, but it predictably disappointed a lot of fractivists who are already moaning, groaning and making excuses. The report entitled “An Evaluation of Fracture Growth and Gas/Fluid Migration as Horizontal Marcellus Shale Gas Wells are Hydraulically Fractured in Greene County, Pennsylvania,” is filled with detailed data and superb charts. It speaks for itself, but is somewhat technical. The end result is this; there is no evidence of fracking fluid migration anywhere near water supplies.

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It’s Time for Some Common Sense on Natural Gas

Common Sense on Natural GasHerb Flavell (with pal Shelby)
Gods Knob, Milk Can Corners, Susquehanna County

It’s time for some common sense on natural gas, says this Franklin Township, Susquehanna County landowner who lives amidst considerable drilling activity.

I’m just an 81 year old widower trying to leave something for his kids, grand kids and great grand kids. I have lived on my 25 acres of Pennsylvania Heaven since 1988. The mountain top behind my home is even called Gods Knob, so I have been told. I took 25 acres of an old dairy farm that had not been worked since 1964 and improved it. I improved it so much that the property tax went from less than $600 a year to almost $6,000. For that privilege I have paid almost $150,000 in school, county and township tax. Its time that I receive a return on my investment. It’s time for some common sense on natural gas.

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The Shale Gas Deniers

Shale Gas Deniers - Nick Grealy ReportsNick Grealy
Administrator of NaturalGas2.0NoHotAir and ShaleGasInfo Blogs


Shale gas deniers abound among those eager to classify global warming skeptics as climate change deniers. Yet, the odds are remarkably similar, says Nick Grealy.

How often have we heard that 97% of climate scientists agree man made warming is real? Similarly, a very high percentage of scientists see shale as a safe energy option. Yet many who see 3% of scientists as climate “deniers,” remain perfectly happy to use Single Study Syndrome when it goes the other way.

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