Methane, Not Just A Fossil Fuel But Renewable, Too

Methane - Don RoesslerDonald Roessler
Washington County, Pa. Landowner and Gas Lease Holder

Something we don’t hear about, in the argument for renewables, is the fact methane gas is not only a fossil fuel but is also renewable.

I came across this video on Facebook today that not only gave me a good laugh but it also points out that methane is a renewable gas.

World Wide Interweb: The Fart Car

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Water Well Driller Story Shows Methane Is Old News

Water Well Drilling - Tom Shepstone ReportsTom Shepstone
Natural Gas NOW


A retired water well driller offered the Hancock Herald excellent insights into the whole methane migration issue four years ago. Those individuals interested in learning will want to read it.

Over four years ago, Sally Zegers, the publisher of a great local newspaper known as the Hancock Herald, published a superb interview article with an elderly gentleman by the name of Francis Tully (now deceased). He was a retired water well driller who had a thriving business for decades operating out of northern Wayne County, Pennsylvania. I posted a pdf version of it on a companion website to this one, with Sally’s permission.

I was reminded how just important that particular interview article was this morning by a reader who correctly noted it addressed many of the disingenuous fractivist comments on a post by Jane Varcoe. Therefore, in addition to providing a link to the full pdf version, I’m offering a slightly condensed version below.

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Faux Environmentalists Doctor Truth on Shale Gas

Too Many Faux Environmentalists Doctor the Truth - Jeff HellerJeff Heller
Steuben County, New York, Landowner
President, Steuben County Land Owners Coalition


We see claim after claim made by faux environmentalists fall over time. So, why are we letting these people doctor the truth on shale gas?

Suppose, five or ten years ago, you went to your doctor, who you believed in almost religiously, and he or she told you your cold was pneumonia and it would probably kill you shortly. Then, a few years later this doctor told you your headaches were caused by a brain tumor that would kill you in less than a year. Then, two years after that, the same doctor told you your stomach problems were colon cancer that would kill you in less than six months. If all these diagnoses and predictions were totally wrong, would you still believe in this great doctor?

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The Mythical Constructs of Gas Free Seneca – Part III

Gas Free SenecaDavid Crea
Process, Energy & Reliability Engineer, Watkins Glen, NY
(David Crea is employed by US Salt but speaks here for himself only)

Gas Free Seneca, opponent of propane storage in the Watkins Glen area, portrays itself as “Little Red Riding Hood” in a battle with “The Big Bad Wolf,” but it’s just the opposite. This is Part III. Read Part I here and Part !! here.

Just how have the Ithacans a/k/a Gas Free Seneca been able to organize resistance to what appears to reasonable people as a simple, low-environmental-impact, property-tax lowering, job-creating, necessary project for the local and national economy, that the free market is calling for?

Well, they’ve done it through creating a series of myths that have been swallowed hook, line and sinker by their “true believers” … akin to Jim Jones saying “Trust me, this Kool Aid will lead you folks to Nirvana!”  Except, the Gas Free Seneca true believers are still here to repeat, over and over, those same myths. Though many of these myths are downright preposterous, they won’t die a quiet death, because they keep getting repeated, ala Goebbels.

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Anti-Fracking Always Loses to Prosperity

anti-fracking - natural gasDouglas Berkley
Publisher: Tri-State Shale Traveler

A recent vote in Youngstown, Ohio demonstrates anti-fracking campaigns tend to lose where tangible prosperity is it at stake. Fear then loses its luster.

Youngstown, Ohio recently voted for the third time against a “community bill of rights” that would have banned fracking within city limits.  One would hope that this would be the third and final strike against the anti-fracking community in the region, but to the dismay of many, they vow to continue.

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The Fractivist Enablers in the Media

Fractivist Enablers - Jim Willis reportsJim Willis
Editor & Publisher, Marcellus Drilling News (MDN)

Fractivist enablers in the media have faithfully spread the message and interpreted events in opponents’ favor. StateImpact Pennsylvania is such an enabler.

The partisan, biased “reporters” who work at StateImpact Pennsylvania, the PBS blog, have delivered another anti-drilling spin job focused on the Loyalsock State Forest. The reliably anti-drilling Marie Cusick–who (going by her previous articles) hasn’t encountered a fossil fuel she likes–is once again trying to stir the anti-drilling pot against legitimate, legal and ethical drilling in the Loyalsock State Forest in central Pennsylvania.

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It’s About the Community, Stupid!

communityJane Varcoe
Waymart Borough, Wayne County, Pennsylvania

A long-time community leader from Wayne County, Pennsylvania, calls out the Delaware River Basin Commission for its inexcusable delays in approving natural gas development.

I have lived in Waymart, Pennsylvania, all my life. Much of it has been spent in public life serving on our Borough Council, being a part of our volunteer ambulance corps, serving our hospital, working in our school system, acting as a police officer and doing other community work for organizations such as our historical society. I know what community means and good paying private industry jobs are a part of it.

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The Mythical Constructs of Gas Free Seneca – Part II

Gas Free SenecaDavid Crea
Process, Energy & Reliability Engineer, Watkins Glen, NY
(David Crea is employed by US Salt but speaks here for himself only)

Gas Free Seneca, opponent of propane storage in the Watkins Glen area, portrays itself as “Little Red Riding Hood” in a battle with “The Big Bad Wolf,” but it’s just the opposite. This is Part II. Read Part I here.

Part I of our story provided the background, but let’s get to the formation of the “concerned citizen activist group” Gas Free Seneca.  We come to early 2010, and as if by magic, an arm of Ithaca’s Park Foundation (and the Rockefeller family’s Sustainable Markets Foundation) calling itself “Gas Free Seneca” sprang-up to do “community-organizing and public education” to fight the proposed LPG storage Project (and later in 2013 to fight an expansion of Natural Gas Storage in another cavity – “Cavity 2”).  For their whole history, see their Facebook postings at, or their web site at

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Natural Gas Here, There, Everywhere

Natural GasMaria Turconi
External Affairs Intern
Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation 

Every day, some fractivist tells the world it can easily do without natural gas, but some open eyes and a dash of common sense reveal just the opposite.

Like other energy sources natural gas plays an important role in various sectors of manufacturing ranging from chemical industry to paper production. Pricewaterhouse Coopers released a report in October of 2012 estimated that by 2025 the Shale gas industry could add 1 million manufacturing jobs in the U.S. The report also stated that chemical companies stand to benefit from the Shale gas boom lowering production costs of raw materials and energy.

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America’s Plutocrats and PovertyKeepers

America's Plutocrats - Tom Shepstone ReportsTom Shepstone
Natural Gas NOW


Is America governed by plutocrats who twist and turn public policy against the common man? A close look at a handful of non-profit foundations operate suggests it is.

Roughly five years ago a cordial but hard-core leftist acquaintance of mine challenged his friends (among whom I was counted) to prove America wasn’t a plutocracy. It was a bizarre challenge coming from a man who, like most people who complain about corporate America, lives off inherited wealth and uses his Harvard education to do so. I’m no fan of big-business per se, especially when it engages in the sort of crony capitalism we see so much of today (I prefer the real thing) but it’s impossible to take these trust fund occupier types seriously, so I dismissed it. It turns out, from everything I’ve learned since, he was correct. He just failed to identify who the plutocrats really are. He needed to look inward.

Yes, sadly, America has become a plutocracy, governed by the inherited wealth produced by the nation’s business titans, now held in the hands of a small clique of spoiled children who run a relatively small number of extremely large special interest foundations operating under the banner of non-profit charities. We talk about those plutocrats all the time here at but we’re noticing lately that others are notching as well.

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