The Sun Rises on New Mexico, But Sets on CELDF

CELDF - report on Mora countyTom Shepstone
Shepstone Management Company, Inc.


The CELDF stuck Mora County, NM with the bill for its radicalism and taxpayers ought to seek recompense from the foundations who funded this corporation.

The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) “community bill of rights” strategy for fighting fracking just got squashed again – by the people who bought into it less than two years ago. We wrote about a devastating Federal Court decision regarding the Mora County, New Mexico version of the CELDF model ordinance back in January. It left the local law in tatters and reaffirmed most of what we’ve said about the strategy from the beginning. Now, the county that got lured into the CELDF war on corporations by thinking it had the right idea for fighting fracking, has mercifully repealed the ordinance, refusing to dig the hole it’s in any deeper.

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Vera Scroggins’ Sinking Credibility

PennEast - Jim Willis reports

Jim Willis
Editor & Publisher, Marcellus Drilling News (MDN)


Vera Scroggins admits it’s all about credibility but refuses to see she has none. She seeks martyrdom, but does anyone other than State Impact give a damn?

A little-known (outside of northeast Pennsylvania) anti-driller, Vera Scroggins, was fined $1,000 Thursday in Susquehanna County court. Vera’s biggest claim to fame is her potty mouth treatment of FrackNation filmmaker Phelim McAleer (watch it here). She is a repeat trespasser on Cabot Oil & Gas drilling sites and has been warned, repeatedly, to stay off their land–for her own safety and the safety of others. She may now pay price for that and wants the martyrdom but that assumes someone still cares.

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How About A Voluntary Energy Tax?

energy tax - Tom Shepstone ReportsTom Shepstone
Shepstone Management Company, Inc.


Perhaps there’s a way to peacefully resolve the fracking wars with a voluntary energy tax paid by those who insist we drop fracking for renewables.

Many people on our side of the gas debate suggest, with tongue only partly in cheek, that we ought to turn off the natural gas to trendy urban areas who think it’s great fun to preach against fracking. It’s not a practical response, unfortunately, and, therefore, resides only in the “wildest dreams” part of mind. But, perhaps there’s another way to get at the hypocrisy and cheap shots coming from the fractivist side of things. Perhaps what we need is a voluntary consumption tax on natural gas that would go to support renewables.

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Earthquakes, Casings and Fracking Junk Science

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 10.21.22 PMAlan Springett
Springett Spirit Springs Farm, Morris, NY


There’s a lot of fracking junk science out there on earthquakes and such and it’s refreshing when someone qualified lays out the unvarnished truth.

The following is a response to an email from an old colleague and friend who, unfortunately, is non-scientific enough to fall for the fake science of the anti-knowledge crowd.  You know who is being discussed, the ones who claim to be green while touting snake-oil science.  They tend to remind one of the carpetbagger in The Outlaw Josey Wales who ran afoul of Lone Watie while selling snake oil.  First Lone Watie asks, “What’s in it?”  When no answer comes he then asks, “Do you drink it?”  To which, the carpetbagger replies, “Well, what do you expect from an unbeliever?”

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The Food & Water Watch Environmental Scam: Philadelphia

Food & Water Watch - Tom ShepstoneTom Shepstone
Shepstone Management Company, Inc.


Food & Water Watch is at it again with another of its environmental scams. this time in Philadelphia, to attract support for its anti-capitalist campaign.

Jim Willis, at Marcellus Drilling News, who is on top of everything shale the moment it happens, carried a report the yesterday on an article by Andrew Maykuth, the star (and fair) reporter at the Philadelphia Inquirer titled “33 groups urge City Council to reject energy hub.” It discussed a letter sent to Philadelphia City Council by Food & Water Watch and signed by 32 other groups urging those officials to “pass resolutions against efforts to build industries linked to the expanding Marcellus Shale natural gas development.” They don’t want Philadelphia to become the next Houston.

This is another one of Food & Water Watch’s environmental scams intended to generate support for what is a very profitable anti-capitalist campaign and it, in fact, has the support of the William Penn Foundation’s well fed step-children.

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Wyoming County’s Economy is Thriving Thanks to Natural Gas

Gina Severcool Suydam

Gina Severcool Suydam
Executive Director
Wyoming County Chamber of Commerce



Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf’s proposed severance tax would be devastating to Wyoming County, which has been brought alive by the natural gas industry.

Yes, Wyoming County has experienced a tremendous revitalization as result of natural gas. Our Third Quarter average weekly wages rose from $700 in 2008 to $904 in 2014 – a stunning 29 percent gain in just six years. Our average weekly wages for the natural resources and mining industry, which we’ve always had in Wyoming County, grew from $642 to $1,594, a 148 percent increase, over the same period.

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Act 13 Helping Bring Bradford County Project to Life

PennEast - Johnny Williams

Johnny Williams
Freelance Journalist



PA Act 13 has made a huge difference for Pennsylvania communities, both in and out of gas regions, as the Troy Sale Barn renovation project illustrates.

April 23 was chilly, to put it simply. Snow showers fell throughout the breezy day; even coating some of the higher hills near Troy in a blanket of white. It was quite a contrast to last week when the sun was shining and temperatures easily climbed into the 70s. The Bradford County Commissioners were probably hoping for and expecting more of that for their meeting and open house held at the Troy Sale Barn, since the building is still undergoing extensive renovations. Alas, temperatures plummeted, snow fell and inside a heater tried fruitlessly to warm the large, open room enough to at least make it comfortable.

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Pennsylvania Severance Tax Illusions

US Gas Supply - Tiffany BrandonTiffany Brandon
External Affairs Intern, Cabot Oil & Gas


Severance tax illusions seem to be the order of the day in Pennsylvania today among many politicians, but there are some who, thankfully, grasp the realities.

There’s been heated discussions on both sides of the Pennsylvania Severance Tax proposal ever since its unveiling earlier this year by Governor Tom Wolf. We’ve discussed it before here on Well Said and featured guest posts like this one from Kevin Sunday with the Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce.

Recently, Pennsylvania State Representative Rick Saccone released a video talking about the Severance Tax Proposal along with the hard facts of what it would mean for the industry.

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Fracking Fictions Threaten Upstate New York

Southern TierCarol Kauffman
Houghton, NY Landowner


Fracking fictions threaten to deprive Upstate New Yorkers of vital economic revitalization and the ability to retain the ownership of their homesteads.

My family settled the Allegany County, NY area, in the early 1800’s. Our 140 acres is a part of the original Holland Company Land Grant, and was purchased from them by my great grandmother, and owned by the women in our family, ever since.

I will lose our property to taxes should we delay the permitting process any longer and I’m tired of the fracking fictions and half-truths that abound regarding natural gas development. Here are the fracking facts I have learned over the last 4 years::

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The Rotten Influence of New York’s Elites

New York's ElitesTom Shepstone
Shepstone Management Company, Inc.


There is a campaign against the middle class in New York, and especially their land ownership, a war under the rotten influence of New York’s elites.

I was thrilled last evening to read a message sent out by my friends and former associates at Energy In Depth regarding the scheduled testimony of EID’s Simon Lomax at a House Science Committee hearing this morning, where he will deliver a white paper articulating how the Health and Environmental Funders Network (HEFN) and the Sustainable Markets Foundation (SMF), entities funded by the Park Foundation and the Rockefeller family essentially conspired to construct the junk science pretext for their puppet, crime boss Governor Andrew Cuomo, to say no to fracking “at this time,” aided by an ambitious sycophant by the name of Howard Zucker.

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