An Upstate Landowner Remembered

Upstate Landowner - Vic FurmanVictor Furman
Upstate New York Landowner Shale Gas Activist at NYRAD-R

Vic Furman remembers an Upstate New York landowner, one of many Andrew Cuomo toyed with in his political maneuvering and, ultimately, his cowardly decision.

To believe something as small as a deer tick could take down such a large presence of a man as Nick Schoonover is beyond comprehension.  I had known Nick since 2008 and before that through IBM.  I knew him as a comrade in a fight against the insanities of a compromised government leader by the name of Andrew Cuomo.  However, this post is not about Cuomo as much as Nick and I know Nick would forgive me for using Cuomo’s name in the same paragraph.

I attended Nick’s funeral service today as I have a dozen others who have passed waiting for the decision on drilling.  The Methodist Church was packed with family, friends, community leaders, and members of the landowners coalition he started in 2008.  First to speak were his brothers, then his children and finally his grandchildren with the church minister speaking after each one finished. There was laughter and there were tears as people spoke of Nick and compared him to McGuiver from the TV series.  Testimony on how Nick had engineering genes in his blood at birth. That he could fix anything, even electrical in fact. Indeed, it was said if you called Nick for electrical help he would hesitate for a minute, think and evaluate the situation, then ask you if it was plugged in. That was the Nick I knew.

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Crestwood Struggle Emblematic of the “New” New York

Crestwood - DickDowneyRichard Downey
Unatego Area Landowners Association


The agonies endured by Crestwood to build much-needed gas storage space in New York are emblematic of what’s wrong with the “New” New York. 

Before pulling the shades on 2014, let’s reflect on Otsego County’s 2014 Gas Wars and the larger implications.

Antis started the year at a theatre in Oneonta with a quartet of “experts” who said gas development was a scam, an acreage play to drive up the value of reserves, a house of cards created to deceive bankers. In Pennsylvania, shut-in wells indicated industry’s disappointment after high initial production. In New York the shale‘s too thin, too shallow. The industry fled because of bad geology. The takeaway: No gas here, Chief! The quartet’s tour ended in a “No JOBS Here” rally in Albany. No gas, no jobs!

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Shale Gas News – December 20, 2014

shale gas news - desRosiers_headshotBill desRosiers
External Affairs Coordinator, Cabot Oil & Gas

The Shale Gas News, heard every Saturday morning at 10 AM on 94.3 FM “The Talker,” talked New York, Russia and severance taxes this past Saturday.

Every Saturday, Kevin Lynn of Linde Corporation and I co-host a morning radio show to discuss all things natural gas.

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The NY Fracking Ban: A Win for Hypocrites, Neurotics and the Sanctimonious

 NY Fracking Hypocrites - Nick Grealy ReportsNick Grealy
Administrator of NaturalGas2.0NoHotAir and ShaleGasInfo Blogs

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s decision on fracking was a hollow victory for Upper West Side fracking hypocrites, neurotics and other sanctimonious elites.

A long time ago, in another country and another life, I was in a room in Albany, the capital of New York State and was very disappointed I didn’t have the opportunity to shake Governor Mario Cuomo’s hand and congratulate him on a brave political decision. That decision, which ultimately destroyed all hopes of him receiving the Democratic Presidential nomination in 1988 was his choice to consistently go against perceived political wisdom and go with his conscience, on the subject of the re-introduction of the death penalty in New York State.

I doubt I would actively seek to greet Governor Andrew Cuomo, whose New York State Department of Health review of fracking has destroyed any chances of his presidential ambitions. New York Democratic Party politics are famously purist, and consistently divorced from the rest of the national party. Cuomo had dithered for years over fracking. (His father was described as the Hamlet of Albany for his hesitation on the presidency.)  In 2012 New York State published a strategic environmental assessment that covered multiple issues of environment, health, pollution, economy and climate, and did so in a structured scientific manner with results that infuriated environmentalists in it’s generally supportive tone.

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With New York Fracking Decision, A Double-Agent Reveals Herself

New York FrackingTom Shepstone
Shepstone Management Company, Inc.

Carol Collier, the former Executive Director of the DRBC, has, with the New York fracking move, revealed herself as the double-agent she always was.

The Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) was, at one point, every bit as competent as its sister agency the Susquehanna River Basin Commission (SRBC). It was non-ideological, well-managed and performed the role for which it was intended. Then Governor Tom Ridge of Pennsylvania came along and, for reasons that can only be described as bone-headed, promoted the incompetent and totally ideological Carol Collier as his choice to lead the DRBC.

It was a colossal mistake, as we know in retrospect; the kind that takes decades to undo. She quickly took the agency over the cliff, establishing cozy relationships with the Delaware Riverkeeper and the William Penn Foundation, who used her, and mismanaged everything she touched. She’s gone now, thank goodness, but has recently reappeared on Governor Tom Wolf’s transition team (God help us) and now that New York State has done the unthinkable, she has revealed herself as the double-agent she always was.

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The MAC Safety Bowl and What Oil & Gas Means for Community

MAC Safety Bowl - Doug Berkley ReportsDouglas Berkley
Publisher: Tri-State Shale Traveler


The MAC Safety Bowl will take place in Beaver County, Pennsylvania today. It perfectly illustrates how oil and gas benefits ripple through a community.

As many of the readers of this blog know, by now, I come Western Pennsylvania and have spent a lot of my time working in the shale fields of that area and Eastern Ohio where the Marcellus and Utica Shale development meet. I love the industry for lots of reasons, so much so that I want to get another job in it. Although the industry is doing very well in our region, cutbacks in the particular company I worked with led to me being laid off and so now I’m looking for another position that will allow me to continue to be involved.

What attracts me to this industry is not only the work (very enjoyable), the pay (excellent) and the economic contributions to our region (simply phenomenal), but also the community involvement. There have been many stories here at about how educational institutions, emergency service providers, hospitals and programs such as Hunters Sharing the Harvest have benefited from oil and gas industry support, but I came across a story from Beaver County, Pennsylvania about an event happening today that takes the cake. It’s the MAC Safety Bowl.

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Cuomo Tells Southern Tier It’s No. 1…Or Something

Southern Tier - Jeff HellerJeff Heller
Steuben County, New York, Landowner
President, Steuben County Land Owners Coalition

The Southern Tier of New York just got a shout-out from Governor Cuomo and, while we might like to think he was saying “You’re No. 1 with me,” it wasn’t pretty.

Andrew Cuomo just threw a political temper tantrum. The Southern Tier did not vote for him so he gave us a gesture that says we’re #1! Everyone in the Southern Tier needs to have a good mental image of Cuomo doing just that.

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The New York Hunger Games

new york hunger games - Jerry Russell

Jerry Russell
Binghamton Area Landowner

Andrew Cuomo has introduced something new – the New York Hunger Games. It’s as cynical as it gets in a state where cynicism is the rule, not the exception.

It seems that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to establish his own version of the Hunger Games in New York State. The Hunger Games is series of novels by Suzanne Collins set in a dystopian future world know as Panem.  In this world the country is divided into districts that produce the goods and materials to supply the “Capital.” It’s an almost perfect representation of what’s happening in New York State.

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The Coordinated Fracking Con Job Taking Place in NY

Fracking Con Job - Jim Willis reportsJim Willis
Editor & Publisher, Marcellus Drilling News (MDN)

A fracking con job took place New York yesterday, as New York’s governor substituted raw personal politics for science with two phonies at his side.

Yesterday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo held a rare cabinet meeting to discuss a variety of issues. The main focus of the meeting, however, was to announce Cuomo’s decision to ban fracking in New York. NY State Dept. of Health Commissioner Howard Zucker presented his agency’s “review” of so-called impacts of fracking on public health. The entire charade was well-scripted to insulate Cuomo from the decision to ban fracking in the state, making it seem as if “science” has determined fracking is not safe. It wasn’t science and no one involved believes it was. Rather, it was a fracking con job.

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Et Tu Andrew? Cuomo’s Fracking Betrayal of the Southern Tier

Cuomo's Betrayal -  Tom Shepstone Reports Tom Shepstone
Shepstone Management Company, Inc.

Andrew Cuomo’s decision to ban fracking in New York State is nothing less than a fracking betrayal of an entire generation of Upstate New Yorkers. It’s tar and feathers time.

Could there be any more blatant example of the cynicism that characterizes New York politics than Governor Cuomo’s decision to go against the tide of every other oil and gas state than his decision today to ban fracking in the state? No. As one of my good Democrat friends from New York, a supporter of fracking, says “this was a bold move to seize the leadership of the left wing of the Democratic Party.” New York’s crime boss governor sold out the Southern Tier, threw his union supporters under the bus and sacrificed an entire generation of Upstate New Yorkers, for the sake of a run at the White House.

My friend, a former member of the New York legislature and Cuomo supporter, labeled it as nothing less than “scandalous.” But, honestly, what did we expect from the guy who precipitated the housing bubble that led to our recent recession; the guy who gave us the Moreland Commission? Still, the depth of the depravity in this instance is stunning. This wasn’t the action of the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) or even the Department of Health on whom the governor laid the blame. It was the action of a single power-crazed individual with no regard for the welfare of his upstate constituents or even his union allies. He treated them all as dispensable pawns, preferring instead to embellish his leftist credentials and cater to the ruling class of elitist special interests. It was a fracking betrayal on a grand scale.

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