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Pipeline Battles and Ramifications Are Serious Business

"Environmentalists" - MarkindDaniel B. Markind, Esq.
Weir and Partners, LLP


Pipelines battles in the U.S. and around the world are having serious ramifications. Pipelines opposition in the disguise of environmentalism is no help.

The on again, off again saga of Mariner East 2 is off-again.  On Thursday, a Pennsylvania State Public Utility Commission judge again suspended construction of Mariner East 2 and 2X and the use of Mariner East 1 following a petition by State Senator Andy Dinniman.  Despite the pipeline being 98% complete, PUC Judge Elizabeth Barnes wrote that the pipeline constitutes an “emergency situation which presents a clear and present danger to life or property.”  She added “(t)he rupture of a hazardous liquid pipeline at the welds of an 8-inch pipe in a (high consequence area) such as West Whiteland (Township) and the ignition of such a potential vapor cloud could have catastrophic results.”

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Cuomo Delivers: New York Electricity Prices 44% Higher Than U.S.

delaware riverkeeper - Jim Willis reportsJim Willis
Editor & Publisher, Marcellus Drilling News (MDN)


New York electricity prices are now 26% higher than Pennsylvania’s and 44% higher than the U.S. average according to the Energy Information Administration.

New York residents, on average, pay 44% more for electricity than other states, 26% more than neighboring Pennsylvania and 40% more than Ohio. In January of this year, New Yorkers (and New York utility companies) were briefly forced to pay a record high of $140.25 per thousand cubic feet (Mcf) for natural gas, as opposed to what everyone else was paying (an average of $3.08/Mcf)—which is 46 times as much!

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Pay for Your Own Damned Electric Vehicle, Please, I’m Working to Pay My Bills


Keep It Grounded In Fact
(American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers)


Electric vehicle subsidies largely steal from the poor and middle classes to give to the rich. It’s time to stop this picking of winners and losers.

Electric vehicles (EVs) remain a darling of the “Keep It in the Ground” folks, who tout them as the beginning of the end for fossil fuels. Even setting aside the reality that oil and natural gas are still critical to everything automotive—from seatbelts to the streets they drive on—this uncritical adoration of EVs has led to policy outcomes that are functionally regressive taxes on poor and middle-class families.

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Pennsylvania Natural Gas Production Soars with Good News Everywhere

Institute for
Energy Research


Don’t tell the skeptics but Pennsylvania natural gas production is soaring and future prospects have never been better for this economic dream come true.

Pennsylvania increased its permits for natural gas drilling by 51 percent in 2017 and its rig count by 65 percent, resulting in annual natural gas production increasing by 3 percent reaching a record 15 billion cubic feet per day, second only to Texas in natural gas production. The state’s permitting and drilling activity increase is a result of expanding regional pipeline capacity, moving natural gas to market centers outside of production areas. These new sources of natural gas are adding greatly to Pennsylvania’s economy and are increasing investment in the state.

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Andrew Cuomo Chooses New York State’s Ending: In Ice

cost of renewables - Tom ShepstoneTom Shepstone
Natural Gas NOW


Andrew Cuomo bragged last week that he had banned fracking, stopped pipelines and would prevent any more gas plants, ensuring New York State will end in ice.

Some readers will recall Robert Frost’s famous “Fire and Ice” poem regarding the two possible ways the world might end. He was talking metaphorically, of course, and ice represented hate, which is why it serves so well to doubly illustrate the absurdity of his incredibly irresponsible remarks last week. He’s leading New York State to death by ice both figuratively and literally.

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Reuse-Recycle Programs Big Part of Evolving Natural Gas Technology

shale revolutionRichard Goodwin
Environmental Consultant and Engineer
West Palm Beach, Florida


Reuse-recycle programs are now becoming a huge part of both shale and Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) operations, saving water and reducing other impacts. The following is condensed version of a much more in-depth article available here.

During the past 30+ years, USA energy fuel usage has changed from predominance of coal and foreign oil to shale natural gas and oil. In addition, both the technology and role of wastewater treatment firms have evolved from specialized product line to comprehensive menu of unit operations – capable of reducing effluents to approximately drinking water quality.

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No Evidence of Methane Contamination from Recent Oil and Gas Drilling in Ohio

DRBC fracking ban - Tom Shepstone ReportsTom Shepstone
Shepstone Management Company, Inc.


Whoa! Geologists at the University of Cincinnati examined drinking water in Carroll, Stark and Harrison Counties, Ohio, and found no methane contamination.

The Deer Creek Foundation is no friend of fracking. It’s part of the fractivist echo chamber, in fact. They funded a study by the University of Cincinnati in hopes the research would yield results verifying methane contamination. They wanted tout those results to continue their defense against a shale revolution delivering economic revival, energy security and environmental improvement across Ohio, Pennsylvania and the rest of our great nation. They were disappointed. The results showed no methane contamination from recent oil and gas drilling in Ohio.

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Lancashire Trespassers Make Us Ask: What Happened to Civility?

Stephen Heins
Energy Consultant
“The Word Merchant”


Trespassers onto Cuadrilla’s Lancashire natural gas site offer a sad perspective on the loss of civility pervading public policy disagreements these days.

Lancashire trespassers onto Cuadrilla’s natural gas development site over the last 18 months have, sadly, become a great example of environmental extremism and media manipulation, combined with a misguided sense of moral rectitude. Using name-calling, populist rhetoric, and demonization of fracking, these trespassers—English, Canadians or Americans—are nothing more than scofflaws and law breakers.

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UDRC Does Natural Gas Development Seminar in Narrowsburg

Ned Sader
Upper Delaware River Basin Citizens (UDRBC)

UPDATE: Tom Murphy’s full presentation available here.

Ned Sader gives a report on a very well-attended and informative seminar offered by the Upper Delaware River Basin Citizens or UDRBC organization last week.

The Upper Delaware River Basin Citizens (UDRBC) held its Spring Seminar, Natural Gas Exploration and Development (NGED) – The Industry Today on May 17th at the Narrowsburg Inn, Narrowsburg, NY.

The full day event, where the progress of the industry today and the outlook for natural gas were discussed, featured Tom Murphy, Director of Penn State’s Marcellus Center for Outreach and Research, Bill desRosiers, External Affairs Coordinator for Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation and Tom Shepstone, Owner of Shepstone Management Company, Inc.

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