Shale Gas Stories – Fracking Demagoguery Down Under

Fracking Demagoguery - Tom Shepstone ReportsTom Shepstone
Natural Gas NOW


Fracking demagoguery isn’t limited to the US or the UK. There’s plenty down under, too, but the facts must come out and will, with testing and verification.

I’m always astounded at where NaturalGasNOW’s readership comes from. Over the last month, for example, we’ve had 1,092 visitors from Canada, 546 from the UK, 246 from Australia and 66 from the United Arab Emirates. We also had 26 from that other place down under – New Zealand – and one of those readers shared with me a shale gas story (well, actually, it’s a fracking story) not unlike our own.

This reader comes from a family of “oilies” and wants to remain anonymous to protect his innocent relatives. He agreed to let me share his story, though, which will ring true for everyone familiar with our US brand of fractivists. New Zealand’s apparently belong to the same shrill attention-seeking minority dedicated to ensuring all human progress is halted.

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Cabot Oil & Gas and Lackawanna College Partnership Is Revolutionary

Cabot Oil & Gas - George StarkGeorge Stark
Director, External Affairs at Cabot Oil & Gas


Cabot Oil & Gas is partnering with Lackawanna College in an energy revolution which is opening the doors of opportunity in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Energy is tremendously important to our way of life – yet we often take it for granted. Sure, we know it powers our lights, heats our homes and fuels our vehicles but energy is also important to many other industries. Manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, steel and petrochemicals would all cease to exist without it. In fact without energy, many of the things we need to maintain our comfortable lives would no longer be available to us.

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Energy Poverty Ahead without Natural Gas Development

Natural Gas - DickDowneyRichard Downey
Unatego Area Landowners Association


Natural gas opponents seem to think renewable energy just sprouts from the ground with no costs or investment required. This blind faith will produce nothing but energy poverty for all of us.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission held a hearing in Oneonta on the Constitution Pipeline two weeks ago and the antis continued their obstruction of anything fossil-fuel related. Once again, the project was the target of their usual litany of devastation, destruction, noise/fumes/traffic/crime, explosions and other disasters. The skin falling off milking cows was a nice new touch, though. The collapse of the arctic ice sheets was another.

Those few antis who chose to stay on message claimed the 950 page Draft Environmental Impact Statement was “inadequate” and needs to be studied and re-studied by agency after agency who should then pass their studies to other agencies. It’s never enough, of course, because their goal is delay–delay that kills the project.

OK, we get it. The antis don’t like gas. If not gas — what?

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Fracking Politics Aside, It Is Changing the World

Fracking - MarkindDaniel B. Markind, Esq.
Weir and Partners, LLP


Fracking politics continues as bureaucrats and legislators study and debate issues from earthquakes to severance taxes but, meanwhile, the technology is changing the world. 

Ohio last week became the third state to enact regulations on “fugitive emissions,” the emissions from natural gas drilling at horizontal wells.  According to the new Ohio rules, drilling companies will be required to perform regular inspections to locate any equipment leaks and to seal them quickly.  The rules, drafted by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, go into effect immediately.  They follow moves by Colorado and Wyoming to regulate these emissions.

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Citizen Action of New York – All Hype, No Science

Citizen Action of New York - Vic FurmanVictor Furman
Upstate New York Landowner
Shale Gas Activist at NYRAD-R


New York State’s incredible bungling of the shale gas opportunity has turned responsibility on its head, aided and abetted by special interests such as Citizen Action of New York.

If his recent letter to the Binghamton Press is any example, Issac Silberman-Gorn, the Citizen Action of New York man on the scene in the Southern Tier (and who works from a natural gas heated office here), appears to think it takes nothing more than a litany of baseless assertions to make a point. That is to say, if you repeat your lies over and over again without getting into the substance, you can make people believe anything and act against their own interests. Somehow, though, I don’t think the people of the Southern Tier are going to buy into the con job.

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Shale Gas Stories – More Propane Hypocrisy

Propane - Tom Shepstone ReportsTom Shepstone
Natural Gas NOW


The hypocrisy on the subject of propane that is exhibited by Gas Free Seneca’s “business coalition” is nothing less than staggering.  

If you think Gas Free Seneca hypocrisy on the propane issue is limited to its leadership installing a new home propane heating system in the middle of a battle against propane storage, you’re engaged in wishful thinking. There seems to be no end to it, in fact.

Following our report last week, we received numerous photos of propane usage by businesses who are listed by Gas Free Seneca as members of its “business coalition.” Some of the owners of these businesses have, ironically, been among the most prominent opponents of the proposed Crestwood Midstream storage facility.

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Unstoppable Marcellus Shale Proves Itself During Low Prices

Marcellus Shale - Tom Shepstone ReportsTom Shepstone
Natural Gas NOW


Marcellus Shale proved reserves managed to grow during a period of low prices, demonstrating the unstoppable nature of shale gas and it’s extraordinary value to the Northeast. 

Our friend and frequent contributor, Jim Willis, of Marcellus Drilling News, reported the other day on some very interesting data just issued by the Energy Information Administration (EIA). The data illustrates the remarkable story of the Marcellus Shale, which is now recognized as the single largest shale gas reserve in the US – larger than the Barnett Shale in Texas. It also depicts the incredible re-emergence of Pennsylvania, where the oil industry was born, as an oil and gas state over a period of just a few years.

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The Wild and Wacky World of Fractivists and Greens

Fractivists - Nick GrealyNick Grealy Administrator of NaturalGas2.0NoHotAir and ShaleGasInfo Blogs  


The many myths surrounding natural gas (and oil) produced from shale can’t compare to some of the increasingly bizarre ideas on energy in general and the role of renewables in particular, being advanced by fractivists and greens who seem to permanently reside in unreality.

A widely held narrative by fractivists and greens is that renewables are inevitable and/or just around the corner, so why are we bothering at all with putting more un-burnable carbon into the atmosphere? After all, they say, producing more natural gas only encourages more energy users worldwide to use gas instead of renewables. They fail to realize the fallacy of their argument; that what really happens is that people either use gas instead of coal, or simply use more energy.

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Cabot Oil & Gas Invests $2.5 Million in Life-Changing Education

Cabot Oil & Gas - Tom ShepstoneTom Shepstone
Shepstone Management Company, Inc.


Cabot Oil & Gas is, once again, investing in the future of Northeastern Pennsylvania with a $2.5 million gift to support Lackawanna College’s School of Petroleum and Natural Gas.

This isn’t the first major investment Cabot Oil & Gas has made in the region where it operates, but yesterday’s announcement of a $2.5 million gift to Lackawanna College to support its School of Petroleum and Natural Gas was just as important as the $2.2 million it contributed to building the new Endless Mountains Health System hospital in Montrose. The hospital is saving lives but the college is changing them forever. That was the message from Mark Volk, Lackawanna College’s President delivered with the announcement of the gift.

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Responsible Shale Gas Environmentalism

Shale Gas Environmentalism - Tom ShepstoneTom Shepstone
Shepstone Management Company, Inc.


There is such a thing as responsible shale gas environmentalism and we got a taste of it in a marvelous speech by a former PennFuture Communications Director.

Joe Massaro, my friend and former associate at Energy In Depth, posted a story there and a companion one on his personal website that presents some fascinating perspective on how natural gas development is not only compatible with parks and recreation but also serves to finance them. Here’s some of what Joe had to say:

I recently attended an informational meeting regarding a proposed lease to develop shale resources beneath Deer Lake Park in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. You can read my full write up from the meeting here, which was published by Energy In Depth.  The meeting brought out community members from both sides of the fracking debate. For the purpose of this post I will be focusing on the public testimony given by, Jeanne K. Clark at the meeting.

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